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  • Be a Sorcerer's Apprentice - Students sharpen research skills by studying primary and secondary sources. When students know what kind of sources are available, they can find exciting stories, facts, and photographs which can make history come alive.
  • Brown Bag It - Students draw an object relying only on their sense of touch and imagination and then draw it again using their powers of observation to create a detailed study of the object. Comparisons are then made of the two drawings.
  1. Evaluating Sources, Studying Sources - To continue thinking of how to convince the audience there is a significant problem and to begin to trace the cause to the current policy.
  2. How to Study Better Using SQ3R
  3. How Can Parents Help Their Children Improve Their Study Skills
  4. How do I know my learning style?
  5. How to Create a Study Schedule
  6. How to Improve Your Memory for Better Learning
  7. How to Improve Your Study Atmosphere
  8. How to Study Better Using SQ3R
  9. I Know My Learning Style! How Do I Best Prepare For A Test?
  10. Polishing Preposition Skills through Poetry and Publication - Through the text Behind the Mask, students have the opportunity to deepen and refine their understanding of prepositions, including some of the more confusing standard usage guidelines, while enjoying the vivid pictures of Ruth Heller.
  11. Reading and Using Word Study Strategies - The student will demonstrate understanding of appropriate communication skills by taking turns in conversation and sustaining the conversation appropriately for the environment.
  12. Study? You've Got to be Kidding! - The students cooperatively develop effective study aides for learning specific terminology required for any subject (language arts, economics, history, science, etc.) and review for tests using a familiar game in a whole-group setting.
  13. Study Skills : Dictionaries - The student will be able to strengthen study skills in reading, and writing. The student will work in cooperative groups to perform a task.
  14. Studying Anchor Papers - How can students best learn something? By doing it! By scoring Florida Writes/F-CAT essay anchor papers, students are provided an opportunity to better their own essays.
  15. Top 10 tips When Studying for Tests
  16. Vocabulary Jeopardy - Students will use this new vocabulary to play vocabulary jeopardy and create a short book using new words.
  17. What are learning styles?
  18. What Are Some Basic Test Taking Strategies I Can Use?