How to Create a Study Schedule

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Do you want to be a successful student? Then you need to utilize your time effectively and carefully. Many students complain that they do not have sufficient time to complete learning all their lessons. It is therefore worth knowing how to create a study schedule and make use of the limited time effectually. If you pay attention to the lifestyle of people who have succeeded in their life, you can understand that they follow a well designed schedule. You should remember that creating and following the study schedule is to improve your study skills and to free you from the scholastic inefficiency.

Tips to create a study schedule:

It is advisable to find out your learning styles before creating a study schedule. You can create the schedule for a week first, so that you can follow it without any stress. As far as possible, allot certain hours daily to study, as this can help you study in a habitual and systematic manner. If you have free hours during the school day, you can effectively utilize them to review the lessons and edit the notes of the previous classes. It is worth creating a study schedule immediately preceding the class, so that you can study the lessons effortlessly. You can specify the name of the subject to be studied on the schedule, instead of simply marking "study" on your schedule.

You can allot half an hour to one hour for each subject. Take ten or fifteen minutes break, while studying. It is effective to learn hard for a specified time and then take rest for a few minutes. Be sure to spend time for personal essentials that are flexible, such as bathing, eating and sleeping. You can learn well, only if you are healthy. Hence, do not compromise the time required to spend for taking rest and exercising.

Basic principles to create a study schedule:

You can find out whether your learning style is logical, by answering these questions. If you fit in to most of these situations, you are probably a logical learner.

  • You need to be realistic in creating the time schedule. You cannot get any benefits, if you feel discouraged.
  • Sometimes, you may need to change your study schedule. Hence, create your schedule that allows you to make changes, whenever necessary. You can achieve this by leaving some unscheduled time.
  • Spend at least an hour every week to review your schedule.
  • You can allot one or two hours for recreational activities.

Creating a study schedule for an exam:

If you want to get high grades without over-stressing yourself, you need to create a study schedule and follow it strictly. Some simple tips can help to make a schedule properly.

  • It is wise to change your normal schedule at least two weeks before the exam. You need to avoid going to parties or at least minimize them. Allot plenty of time for studying.
  • Creating a written schedule is often beneficial in providing the desirable results. You can use computer or simply a piece of paper to prepare the study schedule. Written schedule can help you to keep track of routines.
  • It is valuable to give priority to some subjects that you need to prepare well. Every student feels comfortable in one subject and uncomfortable in another. Allotting more time for studying the difficult subject can help you to get good marks.
  • You can allocate time for group studying and individual studying in the schedule. However, the members in your group should have interest in learning and they should not waste your time. Nevertheless, studying in group can help to get your doubts cleared easily
  • You can adjust the study schedule at the end of the week. However, do not spend more time on shopping or socializing, because this can affect your concentration skills.