I Know My Learning Style! How Do I Best Prepare For A Test?

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Do you want to score high grades in your tests? Do you want to remember all the topics that you have learnt, during the test? It is then important to know your learning style first. If you recognize your preferred style of learning, you can then take steps on improving your study skills and prepare best for your test.

How to prepare best for a test, if you are a visual learner:

If your preferred style of learning is visual, then you can use pictures, diagrams, charts and other visual images to learn better. You can improve your learning skills by incorporating your imagination and visualization, because this comes effortlessly to you. As you have strong sense for colors, you can use several colors to highlight the key points in your lessons. You can use mind maps and pictures instead of just reading the text. If you are not able to use the computer, you can make use of color pens and markers to remember important points with ease.

The story technique can aid you in memorizing large contents. You can use systems diagrams to visualize the links between the components of the system. You can boost your concentration skills by using layouts and charts.

How to prepare well for your test, if you are an auditory learner:

If you know that you are an auditory learner, you can then use music, sounds and rhymes in your learning process. You can use audio tapes to memorize contents easily. You can use the sounds to get a background and thereby to get into visualizations. You can employ anchoring techniques to prepare well for your test. It is advisable paying more attention to auditory content in your visualization.

How to prepare best for your test, if you are a physical learner:

If your learning style is physical, you can apply certain simple techniques to prepare excellently for your test. You can try using hands-on work, movement, action and touch in your learning process. For instance, if you are learning about an aircraft, you focus your attention on physical sensations. Feel the pressure of the wind and feel the aircraft speedup. You can use physical objects whenever possible. You can touch the objects while learning. This helps to remember the content for a long time. You can use flashcards to memorize things quickly, as you can touch and move them.

You can enhance your study skills by writing and drawing diagrams. Remember writing and drawings are also physical activities. You can use large sheets of paper and color pens to draw pictures. This can help engage you more in physical activities.

How to prepare for your test effectively, if your preferred learning style is logical:

If your preferred learning style is physical, you can focus your attention on understanding the logic behind the content. You can better understand the details, so try to concentrate on them first and then learn the content. This helps in memorizing the lessons. While studying, you can prepare a list of key points in your lessons. You can also use statistical data; whenever possible to help you with concentration.

How to prepare for your test finely, if you are a social style learner:

If you are a social learner, you can try to prepare for your test with your friends. It is easy for you to understand the lessons better in a group setting. You can use role playing technique to boost your learning skills. You can work on some of your visualizations with your friends. You can share your reviews and get further ideas from your friends in order to prepare for your test effectively.