How to Improve Your Study Atmosphere

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The study atmosphere is very essential for a child in order to concentrate and study well. Certain factors like the location of the house, proximity to certain prime locations and landmarks and the environment of the house are all very important for the child to feel relaxed and improve the study capacity with concentration and focus. Similarly various learning styles that are followed by the students and also the various learning skills and the study skills that are adopted by them are important for enhancing the student's capacity to study better.

There are various modes and measures to provide a conducive study atmosphere for the students at home so that their studies can carry on undisturbed for hours together. These include:

Colors and Lighting: There are various colors and wall paints that are soothing to the eyes. Some of them are a great discomfort for those who study in the room. Certain colors like red are very aggressive and do soothe the senses at all. In fact studies have shown that a person sitting in a red colored room tends to get more angry than normal. Recommended soothing colors include light blue, light green and pastels that will aid in enhanced concentration. Again the lighting that is provided in the room has to be checked for adequacy. The placement of the furniture can be tried out in three or four places to check which position works out best for studying.

Study table and Equipment in place: Proper checking has to be done to see if all the study tools and books are there in place before a study session begins. This generally is a standard deviation from the connectional modes of studying which is more often than not, haphazard and lacks proper planning before the session. These modern learning styles and newer techniques will greatly boost the students learning skills and study skills and help them accomplish better as far as academic excellence is concerned. The checking of essential study tools like a geometry box or pencils, pens and books will ensure that the child does not simply have to waste precious time and energy on acquiring things needed before sitting down to study.

Parents should advise children on the fact that regular study patterns are very essential for them to perform effectively and with full concentration.

There should ideally be set time tables and to do lists which will help children learn all the skills required for boosting their study and also for making sure that nothing on their agenda is missed out. Also specific time slots should be given to specific subjects so that the topics can be covered effectively which will immensely help with study skills too. Parents should take care to see that their child is not disturbed by unwanted visitors during their study time as this hampers their concentration.

Notes should be taken especially for important topics so that it can be easily gone through when there is paucity of time.

Break times are very important as they keep a student fresh and allow time for them to get recharged for studies. This break time can be for a period of 20 minutes which can be utilized to enjoy some snacks to recharge. Again sleep deprivation is detrimental to studying and acquiring newer levels of learning and study skills. Hence care should be taken to see that the student sleeps for at least eight hours a day so that the study atmosphere is just right for them.

Certain methods implement newer techniques and learning styles and help children boost their learning and study skills. This pattern of studying is encompassed in the SQ3R way of learning that promises to educate each one of them more effectively than before. These can also be resorted to in order to help create a conducive study atmosphere.