How to Improve Your Memory for Better Learning

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Memory - well that sounds so familiar! Every child must be given enough advice on ways to improve memory. Why don't you improve your memory? What makes you think that you have a bad memory? What are you doing to improve your memory to help you study better? Are you changing your learning skills and study skills and adopting new learning styles to improve your studying? Well these are some of the common questions that students across the globe have to answer in their constant efforts and trials with various modes of studying.

There are various means by which it is possible to enhance the memory and help with better studies. No, I am not talking about memory aid pills here. I am just talking about inculcating some basic learning styles in our everyday lives, change of study skills and conventional learning skills and bringing about a revolution in the field of simple and effective studying. This can be mainly done by adopting certain basic rules that one has to follow for clear and visible results and a stress free life. Some of the tips for improving one's memory to aid in better learning include:

1) Believe in yourself firmly and keep saying that you can do it. Don't be a loser simply because someone said you are. Do not let anyone criticize you in a negative way. All that is needed to be done here is to take criticisms in a positive manner. Negative thoughts lead to more negativity and that will not help you anytime anywhere. It rather complicates the situation. All that is required to be followed is some consistent learning styles, study and learning skills which will make studying more interesting.

2) Exercise Daily: metal and physical exercises are very important. The brain also needs to relax and break away from all the mental strains and anguish that we subject it to. This is easier said than done. Yoga is one of the great options which can help the brain relax. This is an ideal way of relaxing mentally as well as physically. After the rejuvenation you will be ready for some studying now with a refreshed mind. Puzzles and chess are certain indoor games that help exercise the mind with all its inherent complexities. This will keep the brain running effectively. Aerobics and gymnastics help in exercising the muscles of the body which can again be a great stress buster and will set right memory loss or an ineffective concentration. This will definitely help with studying better and retaining what one as studied, much effectively than before.

3) Eating well and in a proper manner is very essential for developing an active body and mind and for incorporating new modes of learning styles, study skills, learning skills for active and long hours of studying. These are very important as they provide the essential nutrients that are necessary for energy to be utilized in the study process. There are various pills and other drugs in the market that claim to solve memory problems and other issues associated with it. However there have not been any proven results. Hence it is better to be on the right track even though it might not be a shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a proper diet and a balanced nutrition will surely ensure that memory improves greatly.

4) There are various modes of studying such as the SQ3R procedure that help in improving the memory better by adopting certain easy techniques that one could follow to study better. This method is an amalgamation of newer learning styles, newer learning skills and study skills that have benefited many students across the world and have tremendously helped them with their studies.

All these are highly essential which when incorporated with developing newer modes of studying along with some change in the conventional learning skills, study skills and learning styles.