Lesson Plan : Vocabulary Jeopardy

Teacher Name:
 Stephanie Parke
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 This lesson will focus on vocabulary building and recognition using text related vocabulary in a Jeopardy game.
 Students will be introduced to new vocabulary from the book Skippy Jon jones and the mummy's bones. Students will use this new vocabulary to play vocabulary jeopardy and create a short book using new words.
 Students will address the acquisition of vocabulary standard. This standard encompasses students ability to acquire vocabulary through exposure to language-rich situations, such as reading books and other texts and conversing with adults and peers. They use context clues, as well as direct explanations provided by others, to gain new words. They learn to apply word analysis skills to build and extend their own vocabulary. As students progress through the grades, they become more proficient in applying their knowledge of words (origins, parts, relationships, meanings) to acquire specialized vocabulary that aids comprehension. Students will address Benchmark A which encompasses the use of context clues and text structures to determine the meaning of new vocabulary. students will also address grade level indicators CU 1 and 2. These indicators encompass a students ability to define the meaning of unknown words by using context clues and the authorís use of definition, restatement and example and the students ability to apply knowledge of connotation and denotation to determine the meaning of words.Students will also use the reading strategy of word study and developing content vocabulary. This skill will be used during the lesson by students as they write down unfamiliar words and study them for comprehension.
 Kids will acquire new vocabulary through listening to a teacher read text and writing down unfamiliar words within from the text. The class will discuss unfamiliar words and then break up into groups for vocabulary jeopardy. Once the game is completed kids will create personal books using new vocabulary.
 Skippy Jon Jones text Five vocabulary jeaopardy games (one for each class group) word study notebooks Pre stapled books for creation of student books Markers and other art supplies for book creation.
 I will introduce this lesson by reading Skippy Jon Jones and the Mummy's bones. I will instruct my class to write down any unfamiliar words they hear in the text. Once complete I will conduct a whole class discussion of unfamiliar words.
 I will further develop student understanding of new vocaublary by having them break up into five groups for a vocabulary jeopardy fame using new vocabulary from the text.
 I will accomodate struggling students by pairing them with student experts and helping them during he jeopardy game or during construction of student books.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will assess understanding by monitoring student responses during the quesiton and answer review of new vocabulary from the text. i will also circulate the room during the jeopardy games and during student book completion to assure proper useage of new vocabulary.
 I will be able to evaluate student understanding of lesson ideas by monitoring student participation in the whole class discussion and during the jeopardy games. I will also collect student books to assess the student useage of new vocabulary.
Teacher Reflections:

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