How to Learn How You Learn Information Best

Research shows that people have inherently different methods when it comes to learning in terms of Education and Education technology. Finding out what the best learning style for specific students can help them significantly increase their studying efficiency. Researching learning techniques that are compatible to the students can also help them eliminate their weaknesses when it comes to studying. There are several models when it comes to learning techniques but Fleming's VARK model is arguably the most popular among them.

Fleming's VARK model states that there are three types of learning styles and that most people fall into one of these categories. The first type of learning style in the VARK model is Visual Learning. People who inherently utilize Visual Learning can absorb information at a tremendous rate if there are visual aids. Visual learners have incredibly accurate perception and they have no trouble understanding complex information as long as it is represented visually in the form of graphs, diagrams, concept maps, etc. Visual learners usually have trouble comprehending lectures that are purely verbal. They also get distracted easily especially if they are near a window. Tests can be difficult for visual learners but if they can tie information with images then they will be able to remember the data better.

The second type of learner according to Fleming's VARK model is the Auditory Learner. Auditory Learners prefer verbal lectures and they tend to have trouble comprehending written information. These learners are able to pick up the most minuscule audible signals which make them amazingly perceptive when it comes to oral lectures. Their remarkable listening ability also makes them great storytellers because of the outstanding detail they put into their stories. Auditory learners may have trouble studying because of the lack of audible sounds to listen to. A great solution for this is to have them read the information out loud, this way they can effortlessly memorize and comprehend the data.

The third and final type of learning style is Kinesthetic Learning. Kinesthetic Learners are learners who prefer hands on experience. Most of the time, Kinesthetic Learners specialize in sports and are not very efficient when it comes to academics. This doesn't mean that these learners aren't good at studying; this only means that the current styles of teaching in Education and Education Technology don't suit them. This can be remedied by having Kinesthetic Learners use body movements in studying. This may be hard to pull off but this is better than forcing them to learn in a way that their mind isn't accustomed to.

Education and Education technology has come a long way but there is still room for improvement. The teaching techniques today only cater to two types of learning styles and are even lacking in those two styles that they target. The problem is that schools may have trouble adapting the VARK model into their curriculum. In fact, the long process that it will have to go through can take years, decades even before any substantial changes are made.

Education and Education Technology may not be flexible enough to allow teachers to constantly change their teaching techniques to match their students learning styles but the students can use the advantages of their learning styles to comprehend the lessons better. Of course students would first have to determine what type of learning style they have. The task of determining which style belongs to them is difficult if they do not thoroughly research about it. This is the reason why it is important to research about the different theories when it comes to learning styles before applying their techniques.

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