Parent and Student Reminders

These are perfect to keep students and parents in the loop with your class. We try to add new reminders every month. Check back often.

  1. Award Certificate Generator - Make an award certificate to recognize your students' accomplishments, in minutes. You don't need any software, but Internet access.
  2. Late Work Reminders - Simple notices for past due work for students and parents.
  3. Online Good News / Bad News Reports - Too busy to tell students and parents how they are doing? This powerful tool allows you to send electronic feedback to up to 50 people by making one report. Your reports come with music and graphics too.
  4. Student Learning Contract Generator - Make a learning contract between the teacher, students, and parents in seconds.
  5. Weekly Assignment Generator - It's great when you let your students know what they are in for. This will help you make a schedule.
  6. Weekly Progress Report Generator - This generator creates reports that can be used to communicate a student's weekly progress with their parent/guardians. This should save you many phone calls.
  7. Weekly Multi-Subject Assignment Generator - This will help your students organize their weekly assignments, in 6 or fewer subjects.
  8. What To Do When You Can't Spell A Word - Guidelines that you may want to post in your classroom. Students find it very helpful.
  9. Words Used Frequently (W.U.F.) - Guidelines that make students accountable for learning words that are commonly misspelled and misused.