Printable American Sign Language Worksheets

There are millions of people in The United States alone that are either deaf or hard of hearing. These individuals, especially children, should have access to quality programs, tools, and teachers so that they can live a normal and productive life. Children should be able to experience education the same way others that hear can, and that is why it's important for teachers to learn sign language so that no child feels left out because of their disability.

Teachnology is proud to offer a section dedicated to sign language. Teachers can print out the alphabet and other worksheet related materials for teaching deaf students or other individuals. We also provide printable flashcards that you can use in class or have students take home to practice with parents.

It's estimated that two million people in the United States communicate using American Sign Language. This form of communication is also commonly used in Canada and Mexico. We have number of helpful worksheets and flashcards you can print and use with students.

Sign Language Alphabet Flash Cards (Letters)

  1. Letter A
  2. Letter B
  3. Letter C
  4. Letter D
  5. Letter E
  6. Letter F
  7. Letter G
  8. Letter H
  9. Letter I
  10. Letter J
  11. Letter K
  12. Letter L
  13. Letter M
  14. Letter N
  15. Letter O
  16. Letter P
  17. Letter Q
  18. Letter R
  19. Letter S
  20. Letter T
  21. Letter U
  22. Letter V
  23. Letter W
  24. Letter X
  25. Letter Y
  26. Letter Z

Sign Language Handouts (5 Letters)

  1. Letters A-F
  2. Letters G-L
  3. Letters M-R
  4. Letters S-Z

What Does It Say? (In Sign Language)

  1. Dog, Cat, Run
  2. Lake, Fill, Fit
  3. Plan, Car, Rope
  4. Lava, Cake, Nail
  5. Fall, Jump, Take
  6. Mop, Disk, Drop
  7. Top, Tan, Sun
  8. Bake, Reel, Lamp
  9. Answer Key

How to Learn American Sign Language

If you want to learn American Sign Language (ASL), you're probably confused about where to start. There are so many resources available that it's easy to get overwhelmed by them. Parents with deaf children usually want to learn ASL to communicate with them. Learning sign language is about patience while you learn everything from syntax to grammar. Everyone has a different pace when it comes to learning.

Where to Learn American Sign Language?

As a beginner, you have many options for where you can get started on your journey to learning American Sign Language.

Sign Language Classes

This is the simplest option available to beginners, and most people prefer to take it. Many local education centers or community colleges usually offer these classes. It's also convenient for those who want to get certified in ASL, and you can practice what you learn with people around you.

Video Tutorials

If it's difficult for you to travel, another option available to you is online video tutorials. These are readily available on YouTube or any other platform. You can learn comfortably in bed by watching videos on your laptop. One advantage to this method is that you can replay if you miss anything. However, you won't be able to practice it with others.

Online Courses for ASL

Just like physical classes, online classes are available if you're confused about where to learn American Sign Language. This form of learning is perfect for people who have full-time jobs or university during the day. These classes can be taken at any time of the day and usually also offer certification. Many universities offer courses in sign language.

ASL Apps

This is one of the most convenient ways to learn American Sign Language. You can search for how to express different words in apps. Some apps even offer tutorials on learning the alphabet in sign language. If you can't decide where to learn American Sign Language, your phone is the best place to start.

Visit a Cafe for Deaf People

Yes, these exist! People who are deaf usually meet in communities or groups. If you contact any of these groups, they'll be more than willing to help you practice whatever you've learned and correct any mistakes. It'll also help you understand the difference between theoretical and practical knowledge of ASL.

Get a Private Tutor

If you can't figure out how to learn American Sign Language from tutorials or even physical classes, then you might need some extra help. A private tutor is the best way to get that extra help and time. Although private tutors can be a bit costly at first, this might even speed up your learning by mastering American Sign Language.


Most public announcements have interpreters who translate spoken words into sign language. You can practice your theoretical knowledge of American Sign Language by observing these interpreters. You'd be surprised to discover that there are also interpreters at concerts, which makes these events more inclusive for people who are deaf.

How Long Does It Take to Learn American Sign Language?

This varies from person to person. On average, you should have a working knowledge of American Sign Language in three months, but that's only if you learn and practice it frequently.

Tips for Learning American Sign Language (ASL)

- Learn important words first
- Learn the alphabet
- Focus on common phrases
- Actively practice what you learn
- Set a goal and try to meet it consistently
- Be patient with yourself. Everyone's got a different learning curve.

Why Everyone Should Learn Sign Language

There's a misconception that sign language is only for those who are deaf or related to someone who's deaf. There are many reasons why you should learn sign language.

Communicate With More People

There are more deaf people in the world than you think. One in every 10 people in the United States is deaf. That's why American Sign Language is commonly used. Knowing sign language will make it easier to communicate with these people.

Improves Motor Skills

Sign language involves a lot of hand movement. This can improve your spatial awareness and give you better dexterity. That means you'll be more aware of your surroundings and notice movement better.

Languages for Kids

Suppose you introduce your kids to sign language while learning to read and write. Learning different words is much quicker and more efficient through muscle rather than verbal memory, so associating words with signs will make kids smarter.

Improves Intelligence

Few people know that learning sign language also makes you smarter. This is because it gets your brain thinking about creative ways of expressing yourself. In this way, it can improve cognitive abilities and IQ too! Did you know that sign languages are helpful for people with autism? This is because they struggle to express themselves verbally and are often misunderstood.

Figuring out how to learn American Sign Language is not as difficult as it seems. Just like any other language, getting the hang of grammar and syntax will get you started on your journey. The best way to learn American Sign Language is definitely through practice. The more you communicate with people who are deaf, the better you will understand how this sign language plays out in real life. Whether you're just curious about how to learn the alphabet in sign language or for a specific purpose like a job, sign language will always be a valuable skill. It can also be a secret code language for you and your friends.