Printable American Sign Language Worksheets

There are millions of people in The United States alone that are either deaf or hard of hearing. These individuals, especially children, should have access to quality programs, tools, and teachers so that they can live a normal and productive life. Children should be able to experience education the same way others that hear can, and that is why it's important for teachers to learn sign language so that no child feels left out because of their disability.

Teachnology is proud to offer a section dedicated to sign language. Teachers can print out the alphabet and other worksheet related materials for teaching deaf students or other individuals. We also provide printable flashcards that you can use in class or have students take home to practice with parents.

It's estimated that two million people in the United States communicate using American Sign Language. This form of communication is also commonly used in Canada and Mexico. We have number of helpful worksheets and flashcards you can print and use with students.

Sign Language Alphabet Flash Cards (Letters)

  1. Letter A
  2. Letter B
  3. Letter C
  4. Letter D
  5. Letter E
  6. Letter F
  7. Letter G
  8. Letter H
  9. Letter I
  10. Letter J
  11. Letter K
  12. Letter L
  13. Letter M
  14. Letter N
  15. Letter O
  16. Letter P
  17. Letter Q
  18. Letter R
  19. Letter S
  20. Letter T
  21. Letter U
  22. Letter V
  23. Letter W
  24. Letter X
  25. Letter Y
  26. Letter Z

Sign Language Handouts (5 Letters)

  1. Letters A-F
  2. Letters G-L
  3. Letters M-R
  4. Letters S-Z

What Does It Say? (In Sign Language)

  1. Dog, Cat, Run
  2. Lake, Fill, Fit
  3. Plan, Car, Rope
  4. Lava, Cake, Nail
  5. Fall, Jump, Take
  6. Mop, Disk, Drop
  7. Top, Tan, Sun
  8. Bake, Reel, Lamp
  9. Answer Key