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Sometime last year, I went to the store to buy my daughter's first coloring book and box of crayons. While standing in the aisle, a woman and her son passed me and I heard the little boy say, "Mommy, I want to color!" Her response was, "No, there's no need for you to color. Let's go!" My heart sank. I began to wonder if the mother knew the importance of coloring, and the delight it would bring to her son's life.

Coloring is a fun activity that allows children to express themselves. They learn how to be creative with the many different colors of crayons, and they also learn what it means to be patient. Children can build their fine motor skills and learn to be coordinated with their hands. On top of all these wonderful benefits, they will also learn how to focus and stay focused on a task that needs completed, and in this case, a beautiful picture.We offer many different coloring worksheets for teachers to print out. They are free to use, and will bring much enjoyment to the classroom! Just print and color. Have fun!

Coloring Resources

  1. Cut & Paste Numbers Worksheet (.pdf)- Submitted by Penny Harbin.

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