Physical Education Behavior Management Lesson Plans

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PE Behavior Management  


  • Behavior Savers- To reward and encourage positive behavior.
  • Class of the Week- To encourage students to work together in an effort to be the most well behaved PE group for the week.
  • Directions (N,S,E,W)- To help students learn different directions, to practice making turns, and to help in class management (i.e. lining up).
  • Get A Job- To develop responsibility skills, and to have students develop ownership of their class.
  • Golden Sneaker Award- To encourage students to participate in physical education using the proper behavior.
  • Hot Hands- "Hot Hands" is a incentive program to encourage students' desire to learn by rewarding them for appropriate behavior and active participation.
  1. Lining Up Strategies- To put forth a number of ideas to aid teachers in having elementary students line up and/or move through the school in a safe, quiet, and controlled manner.
  2. Listening Spots- To have students learn their personal space in order to listen to the teacher.
  3. One Minute- To establish expected classroom behavior in a positive way.
  4. Panther Mania- To encourage students to work together as a class to achieve the goal of good behavior.
  5. Passports- To have the students be responsible for their own pass if they ever need to leave the room to go to their locker or to the bathroom.
  6. PE Bucks- To encourage students to be self responsible during and outside of physical education class.
  7. PE Laws of the Land- To maintain a positive and productive learning environment which allows for more moving time and less "TALK" time.
  8. PE Rules- Some good rules to get new teachers started.
  9. P.E. Student of the Week- To give students a goal to work towards each week. Students striving to be student of the week increases the overall performance of the class.
  10. Positive Ending- To reinforce the positive expression of feelings and to provide students a nice way to cool and calm down after an active gym class.
  11. Practicing Proper Social Skills and Rules- "To have students better understand how to properly interact and work with each other during physical education class."
  12. PRIDE!- "To have the students aware of their actions through set words that will help them become well-rounded individuals."
  13. Quieting Down Muscles and Bones- "To have something educational for students to do while are in line at the end of class. It also is a good way to familiarize the students with the proper names of muscles and bones and where they are located."
  14. Roll Call Points- "To better motivate our students, we allow them to pick their own roll call lines. Points are awarded to each roll call line when students belonging to that group exhibit behaviors that help use the class time more efficiently."
  15. S.I.T- To cut down student misbehavior.
  16. Silent Hands- To quiet students upon entering and exiting the activity area or classroom.
  17. S.T.A.R.S. Program- To enable students to focus as a class on those qualities that are demonstrated by successful learners.
  18. Thankful Feathers- To encourage students to use appropriate behavior when participating in physical education.
  19. The Sunshine Board- "To motivate students so that they or their entire class may sign the "Sunshine Board"."
  20. The Quiet Game- To encourage students to stay quiet in line while exiting the gymnasium.
  21. Transition Treasures- To have children engaged in an activity while they are slowly moving back to their gym numbers.
  22. Warning Cards- "To use a card system similar to those used in some sports to help students behave."
  23. Who's It?- "To determine "Who's It" for activities (usually tag activities) without disagreements between students."