Physical Education Warmup Lesson Plans

  1. Fitness 500
  2. Fitness Speedway
  3. Foot Tag
  4. Fortune Cookie Warmup - Put a number of index cards with written activities and instructions (see below) on them in one or two boxes in the gym. Divide your class into groups of two or three.
  5. Germ Tag
  6. Ghostbusters
  7. High Ten Tag
  8. Hoopla Shuffle
  9. Hot Potato
  10. I See
  11. King and Queen of the Jewels
  12. Keep It Up
  13. Lifesaver Volley- Set up cones to establish playing boundaries. Select 3-5 students to be the taggers and give them each a Nerf Frisbee.
  14. Locomotor Change Tag
  15. Muscle Mania
  16. Musical Hoops
  17. Oogedy Boogedy Tag
  18. Peanut Butter and Jelly - Set up cones to establish boundaries for the playing area. Each student must secretly decide to be either "peanut butter" or "jelly".
  19. Poison Hoop
  20. Push Up Ball Fury
  21. Safety Bases
  22. Scarf Fanfare
  23. Scootercise Tag
  24. Searching for a Bear
  25. Shape Toss
  26. Sign Language Tag
  27. Snowball Tag
  28. Soccer Scatter
  29. Statues and Dribblers
  30. Streamers Galore
  31. Striking Balloons
  32. Switch and Rotate
  33. Team Marathon
  34. Throw and Catch Tag
  35. Toad Tag
  36. Turkeys and Feathers
  37. Warming Up for Soccer - Students will perform lower body workouts needed for playing soccer.