Athletic Skills Lesson Plans

  • Archery Day 1 - Students will be able to string a recurve bow correctly.
  • Ball Skills - Levels can go on and on. Let your imagination do the work. Have the students do levels as they do their locomotor skills, sitting, kneeling etc. I found this to be challenging and fun for grades K-3rd.
  • Badminton - A player serves always from the right serving area across the court to the left, when having an even amount of points. Correspondingly, when having an odd amount of points, the player serves from left to right.
  • Badminton Serve -Students will be able to perform (a) long high serve for singles (b) short drop serve for doubles (c) short wide serve for doubles.
  • Basic Volleyball Passing Skills - Students will gain a better understanding of the rules and objectives for the game of volleyball.
  • Basketball And Moving The Ball Down Court - This is the second class of the basketball unit, with a focus on dribbling.
  • Basketball Dribble - Today we will be discussing and learning how to do a basketball dribble.
  • Basketball Dribbling - To help them gain confidence in their abilities to interact with others.
  • Basketball Pass - Students will learn passing zones and which type pass is best to use.
  • Basketball Passing - The topic of today's lesson will be the appropriate ways to do different kinds of basketball passes and the situations in which to use them.
  • Basketball Stance - Basketball hand placement stance follow through balance focus on target.
  • Building Basketball Skills - Student should learn basketball skills such as, dribbling, passing, and shooting. Students should also know the rules of the game like what is considered out of bounds, fouls,and scoring.
  1. Dribbling - Why is it important to be able to dribble a basketball with your head up and eyes looking forward?
  2. Exercise for Life - Students produce a video that demonstrates health risk factors and how the controllable health risk factors can be reduced through regular exercise.
  3. Frisbee : Learning to Throw - Learning to throw using One Step technique.
  4. Football Toss and Catch - Students will understand the game of football and the physical requirements needed to play in recreational football games or activities.
  5. Fundamental 3 Skills of Volleyball - The students will learn how to properly forearm pass, overhead pass and the underhand and overhand serve and be able to execute including those students with a physical handicap such as a wheelchair.
  6. Fundamentals of Softball - Students will be given key terms and be able to define each one.
  7. Get In Shape: Exercise Daily - The students begin the lesson with four exercises. Next, the students rest for a few minutes and then run one lap around the physical education field. After resting, students will complete the lesson with a four minute aerobic dance.
  8. Heart Throbs - Students predict what might happen to their pulse rates after physical exertion and then make conclusions about the effects of physical activity on pulse rates.
  9. High Jump - To teach and resecure knowledge from previous years to jumping a greater height than the years previous.
  10. Introduction to Rope Jumping - Perform basic stretches to develop flexibility towards the performance of daily lifetime activities.
  11. It's Play Time - During this outdoor activity, students attempt to focus on several objects which causes them to move in different directions.
  12. Jump for Joy - Students learn the basic skills necessary to jump and land correctly to the rhythm of clapping or music.
  13. Kickball - The students will be introduced to Kickball and learn the rules and regulations of the team.
  14. Kickball : Bases Back - Kicking the ball properly with inside of foot or on the laces. Teamwork and sportsmanship.
  15. Loco Ladder Skills -This can be used as an instant activity using warm-up exercises,locomotor skills or various lead-up team sport activities. The teacher may use foam dice or math problems to decide which mode of beginning best suits the abilities of the class.
  16. Miniature Golf - An activity to be used with a golf unit or just for a fun game for the kids one day.
  17. Offensive Strategies of Soccer - The learner will demonstrate proper offensive strategies in a modified soccer game.
  18. Principles of Softball - Students will demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
  19. Soccer Skills - Introduce students to the skills necessary to play a game of soccer.
  20. Sports for All - Students experience what it is like for students with special needs to participate in sports. They learn to make modifications for students with special needs.
  21. Tennis, Anyone? - Students develop various drills to enhance tennis skills. Students practice the drills and use self-assessment.
  22. Tennis Ball Scramble - Each ball must have different number on it. Each student is given a ball and then asked to remember the number.
  23. The Forearm Volleyball Pass - We will learn how to place set the ball.
  24. Tools of Engagement - The students will play a kickball game after they complete their running exercises.
  25. Volley Ball - The students and staff will be playing a volleyball game. The game will be the staff versus the students. This game will be played in the afternoon.
  26. Volleyball - The Pass and Set - We will be learning how to pass and set the volleyball.
  27. Volleyball Skills - The student will demonstrate an overhead pass, forearm pass, overhand serve, and underhand serve.
  28. Volleyball - Bumping, Setting, Spiking - Learning the techniques of bumping, setting, spiking and digging.
  29. Walking - The student would be shown the different ways in walking. Including walking in a straight line. Walking in a circle. Walking in step with partner. Walking relay.
  30. Wheelchair Basketball Shooting - The goal is for the student to understand the purpose of using the correct form while shooting the ball and to be able to consistently shoot a correct shot.
  31. Who's on First? - The students experience playing different positions in the outfield and learn the position numbers.
  32. Wiffle Ball - Great for starting the game.