Lesson Plan : Basic Volleyball Passing Skills

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Ingalls
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Volleyball Passing and Scoring from your forearm.
 Forearm Pass Set(Overhead Pass)
 Students will gain a better understanding of the rules and objectives for the game of volleyball.
 -Students will make contact with the volleyball by using the inside of their forearms. -Students will bend their knees so that they are lower than the level of contact. -Students will not swing their arms to hit the volleyball, but instead meet the ball with their arms. -Students will be able to direct the volleyball to a partner/teammate with accuracy. -Students will be able to perform the set (overhead pass) with their hands in a triangular formation with the index fingers and thumbs touching each other. -The set will be performed with their finger pads not any other part of the hand.
 Volleyballs for all students Wall space Gym
 -Dynamic Warm-ups -Arm circles -3 minute Jog -Static Stretching
 Demonstration of correct form for the forearm pass and set.
 -Students practice using correct form of the forearm pass while making 25 passes off the wall while keeping the ball under control. -Students use correct form while practicing the set off the wall individually 25 times.
 -Using Larger/softer volleyball for special needs. -Use balloons to simulate volleyball to increase the float time. -Decrease the distance between the partners or wall while passing.
Checking For Understanding:
 -Teacher observation -Skill assessments -Skill Tests
 -Review basic rules of volleyball. -Get feedback about the two passes that we worked on. -Review correct form that all players should be using while completing passes.
 -Teacher Observation -Skill tests -Written tests/quizzes on terms and rules. -Flow of activities(is it choppy or are the students performing the skills well?).
Teacher Reflections:

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