Lesson Plan : Wiffle Ball

Teacher Name:
 Brigid O'Brien
 Grade 4

 Throwing overhand, underhand pitching, catching, hitting ball with wiffleball bat
 The students will be able to throw to their partner 10 feet away. The students will be able to underhand pitch to their partner 10 feet away. The students will be able to catch the ball with two hands. The students will be able to step with opposite foot than their arm they are throwing with. The students will be able to line up their hand properly on the by lining up their knuckle on the bat The students will be able to swing the bat by pivoting their foot, turning their body, swinging level and keeping their eyes on the ball as I pitch to them.
 Hold the ball �like they are holding an apple� to throw to their partner overhand Hold the ball �like they are holding an apple� to throw to their partner underhand Line up knuckles to properly hold bat by having non-dominant hand on bottom of bat and dominant hand on top Hit the ball with the wiffle ball bat by keeping their on the ball as other students pitch to them. Swing the bat level
 1 ball per 2-3 students 1 bat per 2-3 students 1 kickball/baseball field or gymnasium
 Students may start wearing their favorite jersey, t-shirt or hat to class of their favorite baseball team. Many of the students have had several years of playing baseball, softball, or Tee-Ball and are used to throwing, catching and hitting the ball by a pitcher. We are going to review skills needed and build on what we know already. We are playing baseball but with a wiffleball bat and ball so we can have fun and fast moving games!
 Hold the bat as close to the bottom of the grip with the hand you DO NOT write with. For me, it would be my left hand. I will now grip the bat on top of my other hand with the hand I write with. My knees will be bent and shoulder width apart. I will pivot my back (right) foot and swing the bat in slow and controlled motion.
 There will be 5 batters, 5 students will will pitch the ball underhand to each player 5-7 times. They will hit the ball as many times out of 7 as possible. The rest of the students in class will field the ball, retrieve the ball and set it next to the pitcher. We will switch batters every 5-7 pitches or 2-3 minutes, whichever allows for more hits. The batters become outfielders, outfielders become pitchers and pitchers become hitters.
 Students may also throw and catch with a softer and bigger ball if they have vision or locomotor conditions. If pitcher cannot throw 10 feet, they may move in closer.
Checking For Understanding:
 How are you holding the ball for underhand pitching? (SHOW ME) Where is your body facing when you throw the ball overhand? Where should the ball be by when you're ready to throw underhand? What should your eyes be looking at when you are batting?
 I saw a lot of great pitches, fielding skills and catching. Most of all, I saw a lot of positive teamwork! Point out other great plays of the day by boys and girls.
 I will be walking around and observing students. Other students and myself will be helping one another to throw, catch better and also have them model my hand/knuckle line-up on the bat.
Teacher Reflections:
  If this is how great they do in class, I can't wait for game play!

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