Lesson Plan : Basketball Passing

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 Mr. Wynn
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 The topic of today's lesson will be the appropriate ways to do different kinds of basketball passes and the situations in which to use them.
 The content that will be covered on this day will center around the game of basketball. To be more specific the art form of passing will be the main focus for this lesson. Some of the key terms that the class will be covering today are: bounce pass, chest pass, outlet pass, and the lob pass. Another key component of the lesson will be when to use the passes listed above.
 The goal of the lesson is for the students to grasp the concept basketball passing. The aim is for the students to be able to differentiate between the different kinds of basketball passes. For example, knowing the difference between a chest pass and a bounce pass.
 The materials needed in class today will be fifteen basketballs.
 We will begin with a quick stretching and jogging routine to get the students loose to prevent injuries. After this is completed, students will see that basketballs are placed on the baselines at each end of the gym. Seven balls on each line. The students will be paired off and told to get five feet apart and pass the ball back and fourth. This activity will persist for a few minutes. At this point, I will blow the whistle and bring the class together.
 When bringing the class together I will explain the purpose of the introductory activity.Which is to introduce the students to the skill and to serve as somewhat of a pre-test. I will start this portion of the lesson off by explaining the four passes we will be learning to the students. I will start off explaining the chest pass, then bounce, followed by the outlet and lob pass. After explaining each pass I will demonstrate an example with a student volunteer. This way I will not only be describing the proper way to do each pass, but also providing each student with a visual to take back with them for their practice sessions.
 After the explaining and modeling to the students the guided practice activity will commence. At the half court line, I will have the students line up face to face seven feet apart. One ball will be given to a student on the far right of the half court line. They will chest pass the ball to the person in front of them. That person will pass the ball to the person diagonally across from them.Next that person passes the ball to the person straight in front of them until everyone does a chest pass to another person. The children will go back chest passing the ball using the same method in the opposite direction. Once the ball gets back to the first person the same process will continue except using a bounce pass. This drill will run the same way as the chest pass, then the outlet pass will begin followed by the lob pass. Under the teachers supervision, each student will have thrown two passes of each kind of pass.
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