Lesson Plan : Fundamental 3 Skills of Volleyball

Teacher Name:
 Lisa Mathes-Peters
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Volleyball fundamentals of bump, set and serving
 The students will learn how to properly forearm pass, overhead pass and the underhand and overhand serve and be able to execute including those students with a physical handicap such as a wheelchair.
 The goal is to teach each student how to properly execute a forearm pass ( head over shoulders,shoulders over knees and knees over toes) shoulder width apart (feet), overhead pass ( fly like superman or moose ears)and serving against a wall (find a spot on wall, keep elbow high).
 The students goal is to forearm pass to themselves or with a partner for 25 seconds. The goal is to overhead pass to themselves or with a partner for 25 seconds. The students goal is to hit the same spot on the wall while serving three times.
 volleyballs, walls, volleyball court or flat service
 I will introduce the proper form for the forearm pass by demonstrating this for the students. Platform together, feet shoulder width, knees bent. Overhead pass, feet shoulder width apart, fingers spread, ball in window, fly like superman and for serving..elbow high, guide arm up, hit spot.
 I will have the students perform each skill individually and then progress to trying it with a partner. Any student with a wheel chair can pass while in place like the other students.
 I will monitor the students progress by moving around the class and assisting each and every student with their skills.
 I will accommodate for the students in wheel chairs by giving them a slightly bigger area and try to pass the ball by themselves (forearm and overhead) and they can serve against the wall like the rest of the kids. I would have them try for 10 seconds for their ball control. I would have them overhead set when working with a partner. If a student has a mental disability I would have them try to pass themselves the ball and they could keep it going with any touch whether it was a bump or a set. The rest of the students would be trying to individually keep the ball moving with one skill at a time.
Checking For Understanding:
 I would asses the students by having them try a finals count of keeping the ball moving and see if they have improved with being able to keep it going for more than their first initial time. I would log each time.
 By completing this lesson each student will get introduced to two main volleyball fundamentals by practicing them individually and by using the TEAM concept since that is the kind of sport volleyball is.
Teacher Reflections:

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