Lesson Plan : High Jump

Teacher Name:
 Mr Fowler
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 High Jump
 To teach and resecure knowledge from previous years to jumping a greater height than the years previous.
 For each student to be able to better their first jump and by the end of the lesson, i would like all students to be able to jump over one metre.
 My objectives are to teach a lesson and assess their ability from thier first jump till there last jump. My classroom management will be clear from the start and students will know exactly what to do.
 High jump mat, Bar, Two standing poles and cones.
 Warm up: In all drills stress "Trunk upright, hips forward and head high". 2 � 20m walking - lifting the heel and stretching the ankle quickly. Walk back to recover. 2 � 20m bouncing ankle extension 2 � 20m bounding arm drill 5 � 3 or 5 stride vertical jump drill (ankle extension, free knee drive, arm action) Three stride practice jumps, concentrating on specific body parts (5 to 10 jumps).
 The Approach: Factors to look for in the approach: 2 or 4 stride lead into a checkpoint non take off foot hits this checkpoint followed by a curved 5 stride approach to the take off point in the last 3 to 4 strides the athlete is inclined away from the bar final strides to be fast and hips kept high. Take off: Factors to look for on take off: take off point is approx 0.5 metres to 0.75 metres from the near upright along the bar and out from the bar take off foot is slightly ahead of the athlete's body take off foot plant is heel first to provide the maximum lever take off foot is pointing towards a position halfway between the middle of the bar and the far upright (10� to 20�) take off foot is in alignment with the take off leg hips are forward inside shoulder is high the trunk is upright and leaning slightly back - not leaning towards the bar hips are at 45� to the bar and the shoulders at 90� there is quick and vigorous movement of free limbs the inside shoulder does not drop in towards the bar rotation comes from the non jumping side i.e. the free leg and shoulder pulling across the body the leg nearest the bar is driven up bent and high at the opposite upright, thigh and foot parallel with the ground and lower leg vertical both arms are swung forwards and upwards with the free leg. Flight: Once off the ground factors to look for in the flight: inside knee stays up at bar level heels are pulled back towards the head (arching the back) knees bent and wide apart arms in a crucifix position or held by the side head back and looking towards the far back corner of the mat (forces the hips to stay high) once the hips are over the bar the legs are snapped straight from the knees landing on the shoulders.
 The approach: Firstly we will practice run up with designated cones. Take off: Using my teacher points i will use these to help my assessment off the students high jump. Flight: Concentrate on the fosbury flop and make sure technique is correct.
 If students struggles i will bring aside and make sure they understand my instructions if not i will explain so the student knows exactly what to do.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will ask each indivdual student what they tought on teaching points and if they were clearly instructed and if so was it good or not efficent.
Teacher Reflections:

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