Lesson Plan : Offensive Strategies of Soccer

Teacher Name:
 K. Thurman
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Soccer Offensive Strategies
 passing (as in soccer) trapping (inside of foot) varying degrees of force open space down line cross
 The learner will demonstrate proper offensive strategies in a modified soccer game. The learner will comprehend varying degrees of force and how it applies to passing and trapping a soccer ball.
 The learner will pass down line to create space. The learner will demonstrate "switching fields" to create space.
 Worksheet on varying degrees of force as related to passing and gaining control of soccer ball. Bright colored words to with the terms offensive strategies, create space and force and open space to be placed on Word Wall after an introduction.
 Show students 2 minute clip of the 2009 World Cup. Highlight the skills of passing the ball down line to as an offensive strategy to make space. Question students to demonstrate (without ball) the proper way to pass and trap a soccer ball. Demonstrate passing the ball in front of teammate who is running to meet the pass down line. Reinforce the cognitive concept of force as related to passing and receiving s soccer ball.
 Demonstrate passing down line and switching field. Have students explain what the phrase "down line" and "switching fields" means in the game of soccer.
 Allow each student to demonstrate the two offensive strategies with two defenders standing in the modified playing area. Students will rotate through the playing area and receive specific feedback on skills.
 Students may chose what type of ball to use during the partner activity. (gator skin, soccer ball size 5,6).
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will complete a rubric for their group members during the "passing down line" and "switching fields" drills. The teacher will make informal observations of student performance and offered specific feedback to encourage students.
 Question students on the importance of creating space in the game of soccer. Ask students to explain the two offensive strategies of passing down line and switching fields. Ask how the concept of force can be applied to the game of soccer. Introduce defensive strategies as the goal of tomorrows lesson.
 Student rubric on soccer skills.
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson did meet the learning objective I originally intended to meet. Four students in the class demonstrated excellent offensive strategies, especially passing the ball down line. Approximately half the class do not apply the right amount of pressure the ball when demonstrating "switching fields". Students also pass with the toe to make the ball go further, rather than applying greater force with the proper part of the foot. I will reteach this concept in tomorrow's lesson.

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