Lesson Plan : Introduction to Rope Jumping

Teacher Name:
 Russell Warner
 Grade 1
 PE and Health

 Rope Jumping
 Jump Rope Warm-Up (stretching) Thread The Needle Swing and Jump Zigzag Jump Straddle Jump
 NCSCOS Goal #6: TLW demonstrate competency in a variety of movement forms. NCSCOS Goal # 7: TLW demonstrate understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.
 Perform basic stretches to develop flexibility towards the performance of daily lifetime activities. Perform basic jumps to develop agility, balance, and rhythm towards the performance of jumping rope.
 Jump Ropes Poly Spots (disc's for organization students place in the gym)
 Today, we will begin our unit on rope jumping in preparation Jump Rope for Heart Activities/competition.
 Assign students to a poly spot and rope: Teacher will lead the class with stretching activities (warm-up) for the rope jumping activities: 1. Head circles (left and right) 2. Roll shoulders (forward and backward) 3. Arm circles (forward and backward) 4. Toe touches 5. Feet together hopping in place
 The teacher will demonstrate each of the activities (after each demonstration students will practice (independent practice): 1. Thread the Needle (hold rope w/both hands in front and step over one leg at a time-then step backward over the rope 2. Swing and Jump (hold folded rope in one hand-swing around body and jump over as it passes in front 3. Zigzag Jump (lay rope on floor length wise. Stand beside rope and hop back and forth over rope from one end to other. 4. Straddle Rope and Jump alternately crossing and uncrossing your feet.
 Each student will work independently on each activity at their own level. Teacher will assist students as needed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will monitor students practice of activities: Provide direction, remediation, assistance, encouragement, and provide enhancing and corrective feedback as needed.
 Call on students to demonstrate activities (different students for each activity) #1 (thread needle); #2 (swing and jump); #3 (zigzag jump); #4 (straddle jump). Teacher/students applaud each demonstration.
 Monitor students for: 1. Flexibility 2. Agility 3. Balance 4. Ability to complete each exercise/activity 5. Student participation, effort, and enjoyment.
Teacher Reflections:

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