Lesson Plan : Principles of Softball

Teacher Name:
 Chris Lofaro
 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 Students will learn the principles of the game of softball.
 Students will demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. They will exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.
 Provide a friendly and safe atmosphere for students to learn, exhibit and enjoy themselves while participating in the game of softball.
 To make sure students remain in proper positions, execute plays efficiently. Making sure they display proper mechanics of the game (holding bat properly, placement of feet when throwing.) Communication amongst field players. Behaviorally keeping children focused on their individual tasks while working with others towards a common goal. Maintaining a positive attitude and consistently making an effort to be successful.
 Bases, plastic bat, whiffle ball or softball.
 Referencing students favorite professional baseball teams, choosing captains in which the last student picked bats first. Stress safety precautions (i.e. standing up when reaching a base and dropping the bat after a hit.)
 Reinforce children by using volunteers to properly bat and field. The proper batting stance will be exhibited should children forget the initial instruction.
 Use drills to simulate live game play. These include but are not limited to the "ready position" when fielding and following through their throws.
 Curricular adaptations will be made to certain students with physical disabilities that cannot perform the proper technique. For example a student with cerebral palsy may have to alter their batting stance and swing to best fit their own needs.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students who do not seem to comprehend the task at hand will be redirected by the teacher at that time. If the student still does not understand the task one-on-one attention may be afforded.
 The students will be questioned on what was learned and how they felt about their own behavioral performance in relation to the game played.
Teacher Reflections:

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