Lesson Plan : Wheelchair Basketball Shooting

Teacher Name:
 William Mooring
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Teaching someone using a wheelchair to shoot a basketball.
 Teacher will first Assess the student's shooting ability. Then will show the proper technique and practice shooting the ball until student makes ten shots.
 The goal is for the student to understand the purpose of using the correct form while shooting the ball and to be able to consistently shoot a correct shot.
 The student will be able to shoot well enough to play any shooting game or mini game in basketball from a short distance.
 Basketball for each person. Basketball court.
 First the student will begin shooting while the teacher observes form and ability. Teacher will take notes to assess what needs to be taught.
 Teacher will provide examples and proper technique by passing out handouts. Teacher will then begin to work with each student showing proper form and answering all questions. Teacher will also record number of made shots for each student during the alotted time.
 Students will break into groups of two or three if needed, and shoot using the learned form while teacher observes and corrects as needed until each student makes ten shots from close distance or five shots if student is at a lower level of performance.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will bring all students together to see if there are any questions or anything the students do not understand.
 Teacher will tell students to practice whenever possible and that class will work on this more during the next class time. Students are then dismissed.
 Teacher will review observations, data recorded, and overall ability to determine who needs a little more work and who needs to advance to the next step in the activity.
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher will modify as needed addressing all problems and outcomes.

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