Lesson Plan : Basketball Dribble

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Wynn
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Today we will be discussing and learning how to do a basketball dribble.
 Today's content will follow our basketball theme. Focusing on dribbling the ball. Key terms will include: dribble, crossover, and the proper procedures to follow while dribbling the ball.
 (A) use internal and external information to modify movement during performance; (E) recognize that improvement is possible with appropriate practice.
 (2) Movement skills. The student applies movement concepts and principles to the learning and development of motor skills.
 The materials in class that will be needed today are 30 basketballs.
 We will begin with a quick jogging and stretching routine. Followed by having the students get in five lines starting at the baseline with six people in each line spaced six feet apart. I will instruct the students to stand there and dribble the basketball for thirty seconds. Blow the whistle for them to stop, then ask them to dribble for thirty more seconds. Now I will blow the whistle and bring everyone in together.
 I will explain the purpose of what we just did. Following that, I will start off by explaining the proper fundamental way to dribble a basketball. Key principles I will explain will be using your fingers to dribble, keep your head up, and never dribble with both hands.I will then provide an example as a dribble from the baseline to the free throw line for the students to see. Next, I will call on a student who wishes to volenteer to do the same thing as I just did.
 For the guided practice, students will be put in three groups with ten people in each group. The students will be given the option to walk or run while dribbling the ball to the half court line. One person will go at a time from each group when they are finished the next person in line will go until everyone has gone twice.I will use only three groups so I can watch each student dribble and guide them through the process and help correct any mistakes that may be being made.
 Some accommodations do have to be made for a few students in my classroom. First, I will start off with accommadating my five ELL students.When explaining things I will use visuals and demonstrations to help. For example, when teaching to dribble with your fingers not your palm I will be sure to demonstrate that.Next, for my student who needs physical education modifications due to being in a wheel chair I will use myself or an instructional aide to help. When dribbling stationary I will have my student extend his dribbling arm/hand all the way out to the side to ensure the wheel does not knock the ball away. For movement either myself or an instructional aide will slowly push the chair and allow the student to dribble while moving. However, the dribbling race at the end of the indpendent practice I will modify by letting this student go by themselves at the very end and time them as opposed to being in the mix with other students in a race.
Checking For Understanding:
 At every major point in the lesson, a checkpoint will be taken by me. For example, I will check that everyone has the basic fundamental stationary dribble down. Then I will make sure they generalize what they learned when they begin to move.Throughout the lesson I will attempt to observe students as much as possible to ensure they are understanding.
 This part of the lesson will serve as a review giving the students an opportunity to ask questions or have anything cleared up. I will also rehash the main points of emphasis and explain the use of the dribble in the grand scheme of the game of basketball. I will attempt to just wrap things up in general.
Teacher Reflections:

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