Lesson Plan : Frisbee - Learning to Throw

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 Mr. McBride
 PE and Health

 Frisbee - Learning to throw using One Step technique
 Side Stance - Have a sideways stance toward your partner Step - Step towards your partner with front leg Swing - Swing the throwing arm toward partner Shoot - Flick the wrist and pretend to aim at your partner after letting go of the frisbee.
 SWBAT: demonstrate proper frisbee-throwing technique by learning the 4 S's of basic frisbee-throwing. SWBAT: evaluate their technique by viewing their score in the culminating game. SWBAT: cooperate with their students by partnering up aiding each other in their passes and catches
 4 noodles (2 colors), 6 cones (2 additional ones for practice session), 15 frisbees, 15 polyspots, 15 hula hoops
 Robot Tag (4 min) Choose 2 students to be the "evil toy makers". They are the taggers. Choose 2 students to be the "good fairies". These two are the ones who rescue the rest. When you say "Go!", the rest of the students will move around in the designated area. They need to avoid the evil toy makers, if they are touched, they have to start walking like robots. The only way that they are changed back into regular moving boys and girls is if the good fairies touch them gently. Be sure to switch the toy makers and the good fairies. pecentral.org Transition (30 sec): "Freeze! I want the students who were the taggers to please hand me the noodles and everyone else to huddle next to me!"
 (4 min) "Today, we are going to breakdown the steps in throwing a frisbee. How many of you have thrown a frisbee?" Wait for reply. "There are four S's to throwing a frisbee." Side Stance Step - step to the side Swing - when gripping the frisbee, you should mention that it looks like you are holding a gun. Shoot - Flick the wrist and point at target.
 Transition (1 min): "I want everyone to pick a partner in the next 5 seconds." During the huddle, mention that they will be aiming toward the inside of the hula hoops on the ground about five feet ahead of them. Once they have thrown the frisbee, they will retrieve it and hand it toward their partner for his/her turn. If the frisbee lands on the hula hoop, it counts. "I want you and your partner to pick a polyspot and I want the taller student to be first in line when I say 'Go!'" Observe the students' techniques and see how they are performing. (5 min)
 More Difficult: You can move the hula hoops back a few feet if the students are making all of their throws. Less Difficult: You can ask the students to take a few steps toward the hula hoops to make easier tosses.
Checking For Understanding:
 While observing the practice and culminating game, make sure they use the proper steps and stances. Make sure they are not flinging or under-handing the frisbee toward the target. Try to find the students who are very successful and ask the students to watch them.
 Transition (30 sec): "Freeze! Will the shorter partner retrieve the hula hoops and the taller one retrieve the frisbees and place them..." in a specified area. (1 min) Ask questions about the 4 S's in frisbee throwing. Be sure to demonstrate them as well.
 After the culminating game, ask the students how many frisbees they made in the targets. If the majority (80%) stated that they had over 5 frisbees made, that is satisfactory.
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