Lesson Plan : Volleyball - The Pass and Set

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 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 We will be learning how to pass and set the volleyball.
 The goal of Physical Education is to expose the students to a wide variety of physical activities. The object is for all students to fine some kind of activity they like enough to pursue in the future to become physically active. Volleyball is one of the team sports taught. I will teach the basic skills necessary to play in a recreation league.
 The objectives are to teach the students the correct form of passing and setting..
 6-8 volleyballs, 2 volleyball nets
 To introduce the lesson I will ask the question, "how many of you have ever played volleyball?" There are many important fundamentals in volleyball. One of the most important is the bump pass. Without a pass, there is no set, and without a set there is no spike. Today I am going to teach the class how to pass and set. When receiving the ball from a serve it is called a �pass�. And when the opponent spikes the ball it is called a �dig�.
 I will have students get in circle with me being in the middle. I will then demonstrate the correct way to hold your hands, your platform, and your feet. I will go around the circle checking to make sure everyone is in "ready position". After we practice the pass I will have the students get back into a circle. I will then demonstrate the correct way to hold your hands, arms, and feet to set the volleyball. I will go around the circle once more to make sure everyone does it correctly.
 THE PASS - The students will get with a partner and toss the ball back and forth one at a time. I will go by and critique them on their passing. The next drill that I am going to make them do is called the Circle Drill. I will be tossing the ball to a �passing line� and once they pass the ball, they will come to the �target line� that hands me the ball. If I have time we will start with easy tosses and then graduate into harder balls that make them move their feet. The goal for them to make is 15 good passes in a row to me. THE SET - The students will do the same drill they did with the pass, but will be practicing their sets. After they complete the drills the students will play a game called "keep it up". Each team forms a small circle of not more than 8 players. The object of the game is to see which team can make the greater number of volleys in a specified time or which team can keep the ball in the air for the greater number of consecutive volleys without error. On the signal 'Go,' the game is started with a volley by one of the players. The following rules are in force. 1. Balls are volleyed back and forth with no specific order of turns, except that the ball cannot be returned to the player from whom it came. 2. A player may not volley a ball twice in succession. 3. Any ball touching the ground does not count and ends the count.
 1. Students may move closer to net while serving. 2. Allow the students to catch the ball rather than bumping it. 3. Allow the ball to bounce in between passes 4. Lower the net 5. Use bigger ball 6. Be more lenient on rules 7. Read test aloud 8. Allow extra time on test
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will take a paper and pencil test. The test questions will come from the study guide that will be handed out.
 The students will gather on the bleachers and we will discuss the form of the volleyball pass and set once again. I will then answer any of the questions they may have about what we learned that day.
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