Lesson Plan : Fundamentals of Softball

Teacher Name:
 Ashley Gardner
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base, Home, Foul Ball, Strike, Ball, Out, Safe, Swing, Bunt, Slap, Homerun, Grand Slam, Single, Double, Triple, Ground ball, Pop Fly, Catcher, Pitcher, Shortstop, Right Field, Center, Left Field
 Find out the students prior knowledge of the game. By the end the students will know how to play softball as well as know the terminology of the game when something is shouted out to them. Knowing the terminology when something is being yelled will help the athlete know what to do with the ball.
 Lesson 1: Define the given key terms. Objective: Students will be given key terms and be able to define each one.
 Bases, Bats, Softballs
 The students will come up and write down everything they know about softball. After that I will put up the terminology on the board and the students will try to define each word. Once the students are fully aware of the fundamentals of softball they will be brought to the field to demonstrate a variety of skills.
 The students will demonstrate their skills as I will walk around and observe if they are doing something wrong. They will repeatedly practice these skills until they master them in order to move on to the next step. I will have situations and yell out key terminology to see if they know what is going on.
 Students will throw back and forth with a partner as well as roll balls on the ground back and forth and throw some in the air for pop fly work. After I will hit the students ground balls and pop flys. Once the students are comfortable fielding I will set situations and yell out a base or position for them to throw the ball to and see if they know the terminology.
 A field with all the equipment sitting out. When students do not understand I will have others demonstrate in front of them for those who are visual learners. I will also pair up someone who has more skill of the game to someone who does not so that individual can help the other one progress and become better.
Checking For Understanding:
 Give each student a situation or key term. For the students who are giving a situation ask what they would do in that situation before they make the play. For the students who are asked about key terms have them give a situation using that term in the sentence. This will help tell whether the students understand the fundamentals or not.
 Students will be asked to name two things they have learned about Softball. Then the students will be divided into two groups and will play a scrimmage.
 The students will be graded on how much they participate as well as how much fundamental knowledge they have learned of the game.
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