Lesson Plan : The Forearm Volleyball Pass

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Ingalls
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Introduction to Volleyball
 Fundamentals of Forearm pass.
 By the end of the period students will have an understanding of the fundamental mechanics of the forearm pass in volleyball. Students will understand how and when the pass should be used.
 *Students will bend their knees and receive the ball in an athletic stance. *Students will create a flat surface with their arms by turning their forearms in. *Students will be able to get below the level of contact before the ball does.
 Two Volleyball nets Volleyballs every student Wall space
 Review study guide for volleyball and explain rules and regulation involved with the game. Students will do a brief dynamic warm-up with high knee hugs and skips, lunges, high kicks, lower torso twists and arm stretches. 2 minute jog to warm-up.
 Demonstration of forearm pass by breaking it into three pieces: Athletic stance with bent knees, arms extended and flattened out with wrist connected, and meeting the ball with the arms without swinging the arms.
 Individual practice with forearm pass against wall. -students will toss ball up to themselves and try to keep passing the ball against the wall without it touching the floor, while using correct form.
 Special needs students may need to use larger/softer volleyballs and stand closer to their tossers.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be asked to demonstrate correct forearm passing technique at the end of class.
 Review basic technique of forearm pass and when it would be used in the game of volleyball. Review some basic rules and ask students for other variations of volleyball that are played.
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