Lesson Plan : Badminton serve

Teacher Name:
 Warren Williams
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Badminton serve
 Students will be able to perform (a) long high serve for singles (b) short drop serve for doubles (c) short wide serve for doubles
 15 minutes (12:35-12:50) Basketball warmup 10 minutes (12:50-1:00) Rally warmup Split class into 3 groups. Each group will attempt to get to 30 consecutive hits first within a 10 minute timeframe. The first group to reach 30 or longest rally within 10 minutes wins.
 10 (1:00-1:10) I will ask the class if they can brainstorm what sort of serves they use in badminton. I will focus on three serves today: (a) the long high serve used in singles, (b) the short drop serve used in doubles, and (c) the short wide serve used in doubles. I will explain why each serve is effective.
 15 (1:10-1:25) I will have the three rally groups each stationed on a court. Court A will practice the long high serve into a hula hoop/bucket between the endline tramlines. Court B will practice the short drop serve into a hula hoop/bucket near the service line, and Court C will practice the short wide serve into a hula hoop between the sideline tramlines. Each group will spend 5 minutes at each station and rotate until they have been at each station once.
Checking For Understanding:
 5 (1:25-1:30) I will ask the class to form pairs and brainstorm for 1 minute to discuss the benefits of each serve with the understanding any pair can be asked the answer.
 15 (1:30-1:45) Students will participate in a doubles tournament.
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