Lesson Plan : Soccer Skills

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 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 Introduce Students to the basic skills necessary to play soccer.
 Soccer Skills Soccer - a game played with nine players and a ball in which players attempt to kick the ball into the opposite teams goal. Ball - A six to nine inch inflated leather sphere. Kick- Using the feet or legs to move the ball forward with by apply force to the ball. Dribble - Small controlled kicks that keep the ball in contact with your foot as you travel up or down the soccer field. Soccer Field - the area used to play soccer approximately one hundred yards with polls with a net on each in in which players attempt to kick the ball. Pass - Kicking the ball to another player on your team. Trap - Stopping a moving ball by placing your foot on top of it. Goal Tending Skills - stopping, kicking and returning a ball to play. How to prevent the other team from scoring a goal.
 Introduce students to the skills necessary to play a game of soccer. Students should be able to execute each skill without help. Successfully using the skills in a game against other players.
 Students perform each of the following task correctly. Stop, Dribble, Trap, Kick, Pass. Students should be able to execute each skill without help. Until they can successfully, use the skills in a game against other players.
 Soccer ball and a soccer field.
 Take students outside to a soccer field and show them the field layout, pointing out the goal, goal lines, mid field lines and side lines. Show students a soccer ball and explain that over the next several days that they are going to learn the skills necessary to play soccer. Ask if anyone currently plays soccer.
 Show students as a whole group each of the skills. If you have someone who has played soccer and knows the skills, have them demonstrate as you tell how to do the skill.
 Have the students divide into groups of four. Have the students stand behind a row of six cones. The group will one at a time dribble through the cones turn around and come back giving the ball to the next person in their group. Walk along the rows observing and spot correcting any mistakes. Allow the groups to practice each skill three or four times.
 Have more advanced players those who have played work with students who have not played to demonstrate the skills in their small group. Provide one-on-one demonstration and spot correction as needed.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have students tell you what each soccer skill is and show you the skill.
 Review the skills covered each day and tell the students what skills they will be learning the next day. Until all the skills have been shown and students are ready to play a game to demonstrate the skills.
 Students will demonstrate and understanding of soccer skills by showing how to do each socccer skill. Students will perform at standard if they can name the skill and correctly do the skill. Students will be above level if they can perform the skill with precision. Students who cannot perform the skills after verbal prompting will be below standard and will repeat the skill set.
Teacher Reflections:
 This should be a fun activity that allows students to move and demonstrate their understanding of soccer skills.

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