Lesson Plan : Building Basketball Skills

Teacher Name:
 Miss Green
 Grade 3
 PE and Health

 Safety: Students should stretch properly before beggining the activity. Learn to control the ball while dribbling, hold the ball properly to shoot, and how to pass the ball correctly.
 Student should learn basketball skills such as, dribbling, passing, and shooting. Students should also know the rules of the game like what is considered out of bounds, fouls,and scoring.
 Should follow teacher direction. They also should be able to demonstrate dribbling, passing, and shooting. Students would be able to work as a team or partners. Students will also be able to describe the right techniques for shooting, passing, and dribbling.
 Basketball, basketball hoops
 Begin by stretching the arms and legs. Also do a leap jump activity. Each child should turn to the side and jump as high as possible, this will let the students know how high they can jump which is useful in basketball.
 Demonstrate or have someone demonstrate how to dribble, pass, and shoot properly. Describe the techniques while demonstrating them.
 Have all of the children stand in a line and watch how each dribbles and help as needed.
 For younger students use a junior size basketball and lower the basketball goals to the appropriate height.
Checking For Understanding:
 Observing what each student is doing will tell you if they understand. Watch to make sure that students are holding the ball correctly, following through with thier shoots, and not fouling.
 Have the students do a quick game of "COW" to wrap up the lesson. The game is so much fun and allows the students to work on thier shooting skills. Have the students gather together and talk about the expierences they had with the basketball skills.
 See if the students can demonstrate dribbling one-handed with control, make shots with good form, and make good passes. Have each student write down and describe the techniques used in the basketball lesson.
Teacher Reflections:
 See what students need more work and in what areas and develop ways to help them accomplish them.

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