Lesson Plan : Kickball

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 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 The students will be introduced to Kickball and learn the rules and regulations of the team.
 They will know what a pitcher is, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd, and home base. They should know also between a fastball, a bouncy ball, or a slow ball.
 Each student should participate and have feet coordination being able to kick the ball, and be able to run to a safe base before they can be tagged out. Each player will be pitcher at least once allowing them to practice their hand coordination and the aim of their pitch.
 If all students compete and participate the performance of each student should be high or at least practicing running and catching. Behavior should be positive and I will acknowledge the good behavior by saying i like what you're doing, or pointing out in general that people were being nice and a good sport. I would know they are behaving well by seeing how they root for everyone, or how they do not complain, and also by trying and not giving up or getting angry.
 The only material or resources I would need is a soft kickball, 4 bases, and a large open playing area for game to be played.
 The focus will be mostly on the running and kicking while I would also take note of how the ball is being pitched and the movement of the out field.
 Kickball is a simple game, however there will be a few modifications to my version. When the ball is pitched and then kicked, the caught, it must be passed to two other people before the out team can attempt to get the kicker/runner out. I would demonstrate the different types of pitches and show them the correct out filed positions and baseman spots.
 At first i would select one individual for each position and have them get used to the role and position of that certain key player. After they get used to the role, i assign teams and have them play one side until each player has a chance to kick.
 As i mentioned earlier same kickball rules apply however once the ball is caught, the kicker is not out, the catcher needs to pass the ball to two more people until they may tag the runner out. This allows more running time for the runner, and ball handling skills for the catcher and outfield.
Checking For Understanding:
 Thank you all for being such good sports, trying your hardest and being able to learn this sport. Hopefully you all had fun and a good work out, but mostly challenged yourself. Hopefully you realized that this sport doesn't require great skill, just your ability to try, run, and have communication with your team.
 The students would be able to play on their own understanding the rules, and be able to continue the game until 6 innings have gone by and a winner is decided.
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