Lesson Plan : Basketball And Moving The Ball Down Court

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Fischer
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 This is the second class of the basketball unit, with a focus on dribbling.
 1) Students will engage in various basketball dribbling activities and drills, with the complexity of each one increasing as the lesson progresses. 2) A primary focus of the lesson will be teaching proper technique of dribbling and developing confidence handling a basketball in both hands. 3) Specific instruction on body position, protection of the ball, and hand control will be emphasized. (as you make lists, the latter points should be more specific)
 What are your goals as peer teachers? What do you hope to accomplish. Sarcastic comments will lose marks.
 Here you will have 3 to 4 objectives of what you want the class to achieve. What do you want them to get out of the lesson? Think about physical, cognitive, behavioral, and performance objectives. Perhaps you will incorporate a drill that requires teamwork. That would be something you could mention here.
 This is every bit of equipment that you need. Be specific. Number of pinneys, hula hoops, lacrosse sticks etc. There are 27 people in the class by the way.
 This is where you would describe a warm up activity that should be related to your topic. For example, the numbers game for soccer. Diagrams, although not necessary, are great to add if the drill is hard to explain.
 When you actually teach, a good rule of thumb is to explain the drill/activity and have your other peer teachers demo the activity. Everyone should be invloved.
 Once you have drills or activities up and running, provide feedback. This is helpful for activities that not everyone has done before, such as Aussie Rules or lacrosse. Your expertise is very useful. You should have two or three activities here. This is the longest part of the lesson. For each one of these stages, you need to type how long each section will take. Obviously, it is an estimate, but if you have a number in advance, it will help with the pacing of the lesson. Diagrams are useful.
Checking For Understanding:
 This is when you have the group come in and discuss the lesson. Positive, critiques. What went well? What was difficult? Write down on your lesson plan what you want to discuss with the class.
 Warm down activity (this should actually be before "checking for understanding") You will need a whistle, a clipboard is helpful to have your lesson plan with you, pen. Have your equipment set up and ready to go before you start the lesson. Good times.
Teacher Reflections:

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