Lesson Plan : Basketball Dribbling

Teacher Name:
 Nick Williamson
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Ball Handling/Confidence/Eye-Hand Coordination
 Basketball Dribbling Ball Handling Understanding how to control the ball without seeing it.
 To develop eye-hand coordination in the students. To help them gain confidence in their abilities to interact with others. To increase and improve ball handling skills for those who are advanced enough to work on upper level skills.
 To improve on the skills presented. To increase abilities of all students. To help develop coordination and strength in different physical movements.
 DVD Player, TV, Basketballs, TA would be nice,but not necessary.
 Basic Stretches Five laps around the gym/area
 Have students surround me in a semicircle and demonstrate each of the desired skills.
 Allow students to split into groups of 2-3 and attempt the stationary moves that were demonstrated while I am able to watch, evaluate and correct if necessary. Then have the same groups take turns attempting the mobile skills that I demonstrated, and following the same steps of observation.
 By seperating them into groups it would also allow me the ability to observe and reiterate, or restate my instructions for students who may not have fully understood.
Checking For Understanding:
 Near the end of class I would check in with each group and assess their understanding of the skills and means to accomplish the skills.
 I will close by having a relay race using the skills the students have just practiced
 I will evaluate the progress of the students and then see how I can better explain/demonstrate what I need to communicate to increase their successes.
Teacher Reflections:

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