Lesson Plan : Personal Safety

Teacher Name:
 Garrett Jones
 Grade 6
 PE and Health

 Personal Safety
 Identification of ways to increase personal safety in the community
 By the end of the first trimester the students will be able to demonstrate acquired knowledge of dangers in the community. The students will increase understanding of self-help skills to improve personal safety outside the home and school environments.
 By the end of the first three weeks the students will identify 3 of 6 dangerous scenarios in the community. By the end of the second three weeks the students will identify 3 of 6 ways to avoid dangerous scenarios in the community.
 Slide presentation or flash cards of various community activities exhibiting possible dangerous situations. Worksheet with multiple-choice answers about what dangers are prevalent in the community.
 The students will be told that they will be preparing to go on a Community Based Instruction (CBI)visit to the local grocery store. The focus will be on ways to stay safe while out in the community.
 The teacher can model specific behaviors that the student should use with various encounters within the community. The various encounters could be with other people/strangers, animals running loose, vehicular traffic and crosswalks, sudden storms and weather situations, etc. Explainations can be given as to why the student should act according to the teacher modeling - for the students personal safety.
 The students will practice what the teacher had modeled in dealing with various community senarios. This will be done in the classroom in preparation of the CBI. The teacher will monitor for the correct response. Paired students will get to perform different senarios and the correct responses to keep themselves safe in the community.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will orally check for understanding/assessment using the flash cards/ slide presentation asking for their prior knowledge learned in the different social/community environments with and without potential unforseen dangers. There will be a worksheet with multiple choice answers which the student will circle the correct answer of what is dangerous to their personal safety while out in the community.
 The teacher will explain to the students that being aware of certain community situations can affect their personal health and safety in the community. It will be explained that if can know the jidden dangers beforehand they can reduce their risk of being injured or hurt.
 The measure of progress would be for the teacher to orally review the worksheet answers with the students after collecting their worksheet papers. Everyone will get a chance to orally answer a question from the worksheet. The worksheets would be graded on correct answers given.
Teacher Reflections:

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