Lesson Plan : Home Safety I

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Howell & Ms. Brooke
 Grade 5
 PE and Health

 Personal Home Safety I
 How to stay safe from Electric Shock, Poisons, Common Household dangers.
 Students will identify and understand common dangers around the house and ways to protect themselves against them.
 1.) Recognize household items that can cause electrocution 2.) Know how to avoid danger when using these items 3.) Identify poisons that are commonly found at home 4.) Know who to contact if someone maybe poisoned 5.) Identify other potentially dangerous household items students should not play with.
 3 balloons, Electric Shock coloring book page, empty bottles or photographs of common poisons, Large Mr. Yuck sticker (1), 1/2 page Mr. Yuck worksheet (20),
 1.) 'Brooke gets hurt': Brooke comes into the classroom and ...trips & falls and hurts her knee. 2.) Everyone sit down, lets be calm, "FIRST THINGS FIRST" 1. Stay calm- everyone step back Ms. Brooke is hurt 2. Get help- I know what to do, I can help 3. Look at the scene- Ms. Brooke tripped over a toy, no one else is hurt 4. Look at the injured person- can Ms. Brooke move and get up? Help her up so she can sit in a chair. 5. Give first aid- get an ice pack, put your leg up so that knee doesnt swell. Explain that a bruise is a wound under the skin, when the skin has not broken. Blood vessels inside have broken and make the bruise dark blue. The best thing that you can do is to put ice on a bruise to help the swelling. Some bruises are more serious if they involve your eye, chest, abdomen and or head.
 1.) Ask students if they have ever eaten something that made them feel really sick? Explain certain items called poisons make people really sick when the eat or touch them. Show examples of different poisions they might find inside of their house.
 Students will determine two positive and two negative scenarios for dealing with electric and poisons dangers. They will draw it out on a story board and act it out.
 Students may have things explained to them deeply. We may also provide a number Youtube videos on the subject matter.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will take a short visual quiz on every possible cause and effect situation.
 Students will act out their skits. We will have a peer review of each skit and their participants.
Teacher Reflections:

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