Lesson Plan : Physical Education Spelling Relay

Teacher Name:
 Deborah Lister
 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 Integrating spelling into Physical Education
 Team work Cooperation Subject matter: Team-building skills and spelling
 Students will work cooperatively in small groups to spell grade level spelling words while participating in scooter relays.
 Students will work cooperatively and productively with others in a small group to complete the task of spelling various spelling words while actively participating in scooter relays. Students will demonstrate effective communication, consideration, and respect for the feelings of others during physical activities.
 Exercise cards - cards with letters on the front and then exercises on the back. (Ex. "a" on the front with "perform 10 jumping jacks" on the back of the card) There needs to be one set of cards that spell the spelling words that are being used for each team. Scooters - one per team. The following website may give you ideas for spelling words to use if you do not have a copy of grade level words. http://www.teach-nology.com/teachers/subject_matter/literature/spelling/
 Today we are going to work cooperatively with others during scooter relay games. The teacher will call out a spelling word. Each team will try to be the first to collect the letters for that word and spell that word correctly. The goal is to work together as a team.
 The teacher divides the class into teams. Teacher reviews/demonstrates the proper way to sit on a scooter - "hands on the handle, seated, feet on the floor." The object of this game is for each team to work together to collect letters of the alphabet that spell words called out by the teacher and to spell the words correctly first. Ask teams to think of strategies that will enable them to work well together. Each team has one scooter and a pile of alphabet careds at the end of their lane. The first player rides the scooter down to get a letter and brings it to the team. The team flips the card over to read the exercise on the back. Everyone on the team must do the exercise before the next person can ride the scooter to get the next letter to spell the word. The team conitnues to do this until they have collected all of the letters to spell the word. If a player picks up a letter that is not needed for the spelling word, the next player takes the card back when he/she has his/her turn. This person can still bring back another letter. The team should work together to help the players know what letter to look for in the pile. When each team has spelled a word, a new relay will be started with a new word.
 Students actively participate in the physical activities and show appropriate social skills during participation. They use equipment safely and properly. They work cooperatively and productively with others of differing skills and abilities. Teacher offers suggestions as needed.
 Different size scooters may be required due to the size or ablilities of the participants. Words can be "easy" or "hard" depending on the students. It is important for all students to feel successful with spelling during this activity since spelling might be difficult for some of them in the regular classroom.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher monitors how each team is doing by asking them what strategies they are using to show teamwork and to help all players feel a part of the team.
 Ask the teams to share what strategy or cooperative skill they felt made their team work well together. "Is a team more productive when everyone works together?" "Why is it important to contribute positively to a team?"
 Observe how each team works together during activities. Ask teams questions to guide them to work positively and cooperatively with each other. Monitor to see if teams develop team-building skills and show respect towards one another.
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher needs to reflect about how each team worked together. Are there some people that would have been better on different teams? Were the words too hard or too easy for a particular class?

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