Lesson Plan : Handwashing

Teacher Name:
 Melissa Rutledge
 PE and Health

 Handwashing, Healthful habits, healthy choices
 The students will be able to wash hands independently. The students will understand the purpose of proper handwashing.
 Following a demonstration, the student will be able to wash hands independently.
 sink, soap, paper towels
 The teacher will discuss germs and how germs make people sick. The teacher will then tell the students that today they are going to learn how to get rid of germs and learn a new song to help them remember. The teacher will sing to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat Wash, Wash, Wash Your hands. Wash them everyday. Front and back and in between, wash those germs away
 The teacher will turn the sink on and wet hands. The teacher will then put an appropriate amount of soap on their hands and will sing the song while washing the proper part of the hand that matches the song. Repeat the song three times. Using a paper towel, demonstrate how to dry hands. Before throwing towel away, demonstrate how to use the towel to turn off water. Point out that their hands are clean but the sink has germs on it. Throw paper towel in trash.
 All students will practice at the sink with the teacher.
 Students may need step stools to reach the sink. For students who are developing speech, the teacher can record the song and play it.
Checking For Understanding:
 As students wash hands, the teacher will be checking for proper washing technique.
 Everytime a student washes properly, they will earn a sticker on the hand washing chart. When they have earned a set number of stickers, they can choose a pre-determined prize.
Teacher Reflections:

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