Lesson Plan : Stress management and Prevention

Teacher Name:
 Ms. MacLean
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Stress management and Prevention
 PDR - Stress - Stress - Good stress - Bad stress
 By the end of this lesson, students should be able to: - Define stress. - Know the difference between good and bac stress. - Recognize what causes them to be stressed in a negative way. - Identify stress management and prevention skills.
 - Grade 8 PDR text book. - Computer with speakers. - Downloaded music.
 - Ask students to think about what stress means to them (2 minutes). - Ask if there are any volunteers who would like to share their thoughts.
 - Ask students if they think stress is always negative. - If no, ask when they think stress may be beneficial, if yes, give an example of when stress may be beneficial and ash them to give a few of their own.
 - Students will participate in a Think, Pair, Share activity. - First, students will take a few minutes to compile a list of things which causes them to become stressed in a negative way. - Ask students if any of the stressors on their list were the same as the stressors on their partners list. - Ask them if they would like to share any of these stressors. - compile a list of the stressors mentioned by the class. - Second, they will pair up with a classmate. - Third, they will share their list with thier classmate.
 If there are any students in the class who do not feel comfortable sharing their information with classmates, they will not be required to complete the think, pair, share activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 - Ask students to relay some of the ideas shared druing the Give One Get One activity and write them on the board. - Then ask them to categorize their ideas into good stress relievers and bad stress relievers (if there are no ideas which fit into the good or bad category, ask them to think of a few examples).
 - Ask students if they think any of these stress relieving activities could be used for stress prevention. - Ask them to draw their favorite method of preventing stress.
 - Participation in the Think, Pair, Share activity (unless not comfortable with this activity). - Participation in the Give One Get One activity. - Drawing of favorite method of preventing stress.
Teacher Reflections:

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