Lesson Plan : Risk Reduction

Teacher Name:
 Miss Horton
 Grade 6
 PE and Health

 Risk Reduction
 Identification of factors that increase and decrease chances of being hurt.
 Essential Question: How can I reduce my health and personal safety risks?
 * To identify risk factors * To identify if factors increase or decrease the risk of harm * To identify the risks in real life scenarios and apply knowledge to identify ways to decrease risks to personal safety.
 Laminated cards with risk factors; Risk Factor fact sheets; Personal Safety and Risk Reduction worksheets; Reduce the Risk Scenarios sheets
 1) Explain about risk factors- groups will identify if the factors increase or decrease risk of personal harm. 2) Students will complete risk factor matching exercise - will explain directions and complete an example with full class. 3) Risk scenarios- explain what students are looking for in scenarios and what they need to complete.
 1) Students are identifying the risk factors that increase and decrease the risk of harm. 2) students will practice what the groups have identified on their own. To make sure the answers are correct, students will pair-share the information with a prtner. Will discuss as class any of those that were unanswered or questionable. 3) Students will identify risk factors in a group utilizing scenarios. They will need to identify the risk factor, explain why that factor increases the risk of danger or harm, and change the scenario to include 2 new factors which decrease the risk of harm. These scenarios will be shared with the class.
Checking For Understanding:
 Formative Assessment: Identificaion of the decreasing/increasing risk factors on the board. Matching sheet and identification of risk factors. Summative: Students will identify risk factors in scenarios which increase the risk of harm and then correct the scenarios. These will be orally presented to the whole class.
 Explanation that students need to be aware that certain aspects of our lives attribute to the possibility of danger in our lives. Explain that being able to identify those risks and understand what makes a safer scenario can be applied to our personal lives. Applying this knowledge and skill to our lives reduces our health and safety risks.
 Review the increase/decrease risk factors on board. Monitor answers on worksheet by walking throughout room monitoring pair-share conversations. Have students share their information from scenario sheets and collect their group papers.
Teacher Reflections:

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