Lesson Plan : Settling Disputes

Teacher Name:
 D. Thomas
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 The teacher will introduce the rules of the class.
 Setting Disputes in Physical Education by Rock, Paper, Scissors
 To provide a strategy to students in 6-8 to settle simple disagreements.
 Objective 3.03 Demonstrate ways to communicate care, consideration, and respect of self and others
 Cones to mark an open space, computer,LCD Projector
 I have open discussions with students about settling simple disputes. For example, we talk about when two people arrive in line at the same time, what usually happens? Sometimes an argument will start, maybe some pushing or shoving. Then we discuss other strategies to help solve the conflict fast one way is by playing "Rock, Paper, Scissor shoot".
 Teachers show how game is played and tell what wins. Rock: is your fist and it beat scissors. Paper: is your hand flat and it beat paper. Scissors: is your two fingers shape like scissors. Scissors beat paper.
 When all kids are paired up they play "partner rock paper scissor shoot". The winner stays put, while the other person moves onto another person standing. If there is a tie they keep throwing until there is no longer a tie.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students understand by watch teacher. Rock, Paper, Scissors shoot students show hand. Students are then asked to create their own game.
 Rock, Paper, Scissors, can be use to settle disagreements in physical education class. I usually leave them to determine a dispute that they had in their life that they could have handled better. On day 2 of the lesson we will start with their thoughts on this.
 All students was will to use this simple way to solve simple problems.
Teacher Reflections:
 All students show they can use this with any problem.

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