Lesson Plan : Parachute Washing Machine

Teacher Name:
 N. Miller-Bernard
 Grade 2
 PE and Health

 Parachute exploration
 Parachute experiences and an understanding of cues used in parachute activities (handle, colors-blue, green, red, yellow; up, down, walk, circle, clockwise, counter clockwise, stop
 To increase upper body muscular endurance and develop gross motor skills, cooperation, and listening skills.
 Students participate in an instant activity as they enter the gym. They work with a parachute, moving it using different motions. They use their wrists and hands while moving in a circle. Students will lift a parachute up and down; slow then fast on the teacher's commands.
 Today we will work on the correct way to walk in a cricle holding on to the parachute and performing activities directed by the teacher.
 The teacher will demonstrate to the students hte correct way to stand behind a color of the paprachute and using the handles, pick up the parachute. On the teacher's command the students will slowly move the parachute up and down in a wave-like motion to get use to the movement of the parachute. The teacher will also demonstrate how the students will walk in a circle having the students hold the parachute. They will walk clockwise and then counter clockwise.
 The students will continue to move the parachute up and down and then, walk in a circle, clockwise, then counter clockwise as the teacher gives the commands.
 Most students who are mainstreamed are able to participate with little or no accommodations with the exception of students who have little or no arm movement. If that is the case, a strap is looped through the handle and the strap is placed under their arm. The teacher will assist or a "buddy helper.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students are asked to explain the activity and demonstrate. As teacher listens and watches the students, this will determine their level of comprehension. Feedback is immediate and ongoing.
 Students have been given the opportunity to participate in the exploration of using the parachute.
 Evaluation will be done by observation and immediate feedback is continuous.
Teacher Reflections:
 Upon completion of the lesson, students have gained an understanding on how to move the parachute and listen to commands.

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