Lesson Plan : Spelling Sprint Relays

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 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 Regular Warm-ups Card counting Warm-up Jog Spelling Sprint Relays
 Students will go through their regular warmups and then do the Card counting Warm up Jog. This is done by having students jog a lap and receive a card for each completed lap. Once their time is completed they are to count their cards to see who has the most. Spelling Sprint Relays- This is done by putting students into relay formation. Each team will have a secretary who is in charge of taking care of the cards for their team. Each team will have their first player run down to the end of the gym and pick up one card bringing it back to their secretary. The secretary will then decide if their team needs that card or if it needs to be returned. If it needs to be returned the second player will return it during his/her turn. Once the team has spelled out the given word (spelling word determined before starting)the team must sit down and raise their hands so we will know they are finished.
 Integration of student's Spelling words. Integration of Math skills during warm-ups. Teamwork, cooperation among teams.
 Students will demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior in a physical activity setting. Students will demonstrate the understanding and respect for differences among people in the physical activity setting. Students will understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self expression, social interaction.
 Laminated cards with letters for each team. Spot markers Cd, CD player Deck of cards
 Reminding students how important it is to work together as a team to reach their goal.
 Student demonstrations during instructions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Give students the opportunity to ask questions before starting and monitor students for understanding as we begin.
 Discuss how well student's worked together to reach their goal.
 Performance assessment Group assessment
Teacher Reflections:

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