Lesson Plan : Airports

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 Ms. Alexander
 PE and Health

 Space, Directions, and Body Awareness.
 Students will be learning about personal and general space while moving in different levels. They will also be balancing and listening carefully for stop and go signals.
 Identify, Maintain, and use space adequately.
 Demonstrate respect for the personal space of others.
 16 pylons, music, music as a start/stop signal
 Teacher introduction. -Sit in a circle -Ask students their name and what grade they are in -Why do we wash our hands? Discuss. -Ask if anyone knows what personal space is. -Explain ques: "GO" and "FREEZE"
 -Ask students to spread out and WALK to the beat in their own space. -Continuously "FREEZE" students and ask them to look at their space. -Ask students to find a line in the gym and balance on that line... if you meet a new line, change direction. -Call students to homebase. -"How do we make sure we stay in our own space?" -"What kind of ways to we move in different directions?"
 Set up four cones to mark off each corner of the gymnasium. This will be the airports for the students to land in. You start out the activity by telling the students that today we are going to be airplanes, they need to fly around like different kinds of airplanes carefully without "crashing". Airplanes will begin flying when they hear the music start, once the music stops they need to find an airport (marked off area) and come in for a landing. To do this they slow down with their arms out as wings and balancing at a low level on one foot. They need to stay like this until the music starts again. While all students are landed you could call on different students to pick what type of aircraft they all are going to be. This really gets the students to be creative and move how they think that type of aircraft will move. For example: Call on a student to pick what kind of airplane the class is going to be such as a "jet." The teacher would then ask children how they think a jet would move, and then make sure the class hears a few good clues like fast, and big to help them realize how that type of aircraft would move.
 Students with disabilities could be air traffic control and help direct planes to the airports or simply figure out additional creative ways to fly and balance.
Checking For Understanding:
 Watch students moving around, are they being creative and moving like that airplane would move? Are students landing at a low level in the airports, balancing when the music stops?
 Home Base! Discuss personal space and why we need personal space. "Does anyone have an idea that may help us keep our personal space?" "Don't forget to wash your hands!"
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