Lesson Plan : Dairy & The Food Pyramid

Teacher Name:
 Marnea Koder
 Grade 2
 PE and Health

 Dairy and The Food Pyramid
 Vocabulary: agriculture cow calcium dairy farm farmer food pyramid
 Students will be able to identify the parts of the Food Pyramid and will know details are the dairy portion of the chart.
 1. Students will identify the different parts of the food pyramid and how they are all needed to stay healthy and describe details about the dairy section. 2. Students will be able to explain where milk comes from, name different dairy products, and the key nutrient (calcium) in dairy foods that makes bones and teeth strong. 3. Students will construct and describe the components that make up a healthy lunch versus an unhealthy lunch, be able to pick out the dairy product in their lunch, and think logically on how to improve their lunch
 Farmer in the Dell CD, brown bags, plastic items, paper towels, colored chalk, magnetic food pyramid pieces, paper plates, small cups, spoons, milk, cheese, vanilla ice cream
 ~Play CD of "The Farmer in the Dell" as the children come in just to give them a hint of what the lesson will be. ~Write vocab words on board and ask children to copy them down. ~Ask children if anyone knows what the food pyramid is and if so, can they name any parts of the pyramid. ~Using the food pyramid drawn on the blackboard allow some of the children to come up and place the magnetic food pictures in the pyramid and talk about why they put their food picture in that specific section.
 Begin talking about the topic for the day, which will be the dairy section of the pyramid, by bringing out the picture of the cow and asking the class what kind of animal it is. Ask if anyone knows what comes from a cow. Ask if anyone has ever seen a live cow and where did they see the cow. Brainstorm to see if the students can list any dairy products.
 ~Seperate the children into groups and distribute the paper bag ,with the food items and give the children the directions.. *1. Take all pieces out of the bag 2. Pick out the one they believe belongs in the Dairy group. 3. While in groups, I will ask what parts of their specific "lunches" are part of the food pyramid and what parts are not so healthy and let them talk individually. Have each group bring the item they believe is the dairy product to the front of the room to check, the children will have the chance to pick a different item if they are incorrect.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will ask them if they thought their lunches were healthy or not and why. Then, I will ask them about foods they could add or subtract from their lunches to make them fit properly into the food pyramid.
 Dairy tasting will wrap up this lesson! The children will sample cheese and ice cream! :-) While the children are enjoying their treat, I will review key terms, food pyramid, and dairy group information.
Teacher Reflections:

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