Lesson Plan : Gross Motor Development

Teacher Name:
 Marc Lamber/3 /27/2011
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Development and Strengthening of Gross Motor Muscle Through Swimming Exercies
 To development and strengthen gross motor muscles through the medium of swimming exercises.
 The student will be able to move arms,legs and maintain balance while in swimming pool.
 Swimming suit, swimming cap, towels, and life jacket.
 Female student was given instruction to kick legs back and forth while in the pool. The stuident was also encouraged to place feet on the bottom of the swimming pool floor to keep her balance.
 The teacher (Mr. Lamber) stated the purpose of the exercise, which is to develop,and strengthen this student's leg and arm muscles. This is pertaining to her Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives.
 This female student is to visit the pool at least once a week for thirty to forty miuntes to develop and strengthen gross motor muscles.
 This female student will walk up the steps with the assistance of a teacher or their student teacher twice a week for ten minutes per day.
Checking For Understanding:
 This particular female student could not speak, so I am not sure whether she understood the directives given to her or not, for she never communicated a sound during my observation. She only clutched her teachers' very hands tightly.
 I told the teacher, Mr. Lamber,the female student, and the student teachers thank you for your time and the observational experience.
 Mr. Lamber utilized the program feedback, which according to Schmidt & Wrisberg (2008)assist the learner in developing fundmental realtive motion patterns. For instance, Mr. Lamber instructed the student to move her legs back and forth in the water because, she was holding them close the her body. He also used descriptive feedback in that he told her the place her to place her feet on the bottom of the swimming pool floor. Which, would keep her balanced and stablize her stance. I am not sure whether she performed this task or not for her back was to me. But I did observe her trying to get away from Mr. Lamber so she could float freely but to no avail. I was informed that she love the swimming pool and prefered to stay in it rather than be in the classroom.
Teacher Reflections:
 Feedback was adjusted for the stduents disabilites. In that this student was praised for the slightest progression toward her goal. For example, Mr. Lamber praised her for being able to stay against the wall of the swimming pool when he placed her there for just a few seconds.

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