Lesson Plan : Teen Pregnancy

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 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 This Lesson is about teenage pregnancy the sexuality that starts and the birth control that may prevent pregnancy and dieases that are hand in hand with having sex.
 The subject today is Sexuality and Birth Control. The Key Vocabulary we will be talking about is abortion, abstinence, adoption, anemia, birth control, contraception, delivery, labor, premature birth, prenatal care, sexual intercourse, and sexually transmitted disease (STD).
 The goal of this lesson and unit is to provide each and every student that not everyone is having sex and if they do plan on having sex to provide ways to help them prevent pregnancy at a young age and all STDs. I hope this lesson produces the outcome that these students will abstine from sex until there in a commeted relation ship or if they will not wait ways to keep themselves safe.
 Teen Pregnancy Book, Paper, Pencil, Folder,Computer Access
 Today we'll be talking about sexuality and birth control, but first lets talk a little bit about what sex is. Sex is any type of movement or actions that happens to insert the penis into the vagina. So to get you a little bet prepared, please look up the 12 key words in your book. They are bold faced letters.
 Next, we are going to go to the computer lab to find information about teen pregnancy. You may go to the following websites: www.google.com to search for teen pregnancy, www.plannedparenthood.com, www.teenwire.com, www.teenpregnancy.org, www.birthmother.com, and www.cfoc.org.
 Homework is to read ch.1 and answer the four questions in the chapter. Finish your Vocabulary and write a journal entry for how you would tell your parents you were pregnant at the age of 14.
Checking For Understanding:
 Tomorrow we'll talk about chapter 2: Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and i will pair you up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and announce which couples will be pregnant with boys and which with girls.
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