Lesson Plan : Who Are You?

Teacher Name:
 Krystina Lingerfelt
 PE and Health

 Community Lesson Plan
 Big Question #1 What is a community? Key concepts: Acceptance, Social, Cooperation Vocabulary: Kindness, Acceptance, Friendship, Listening
 TEKS: Kindergarten 115.2 Health 8a-c, 9b and First Grade 115.3 Health 9a, 10a.
 The students will: 1. discuss poems about liking yourself as a class. 2. discuss about how it feels to meet someone new. 3. think of a question they would like to ask the person sitting next to them for when it is their turn. 4. listen to what others have to say.
 "I Like Being Me" by J. Lalli Youth Learn.org �20 questions� activity http://www.youthlearn.org/learning/teaching/community.asp
 I will sing a song calling students one by one to sit on the carpet. I will welcome everyone to class that day and talk about what is planned. I will introduce the book I Like Me by J. Lalli. I will ask if anyone has seen or hear this book before. I will read the book to students.
 The class will discuss how they feel meeting a new person after the book has been read. The teacher will call on students to answer the questions. The class will talk about how they like themselves. The teacher will ask about the importance of liking others too. The teacher will talk about making new friends, being nice to others, and learning about them. The teacher will list some ways of meeting new people about making new friends. Some of these ways are: introducing yourself, being kind, playing with them, listening to them, and asking questions about that person to get to know them. The teacher will model these things with a student in the classroom.
 : The teacher will say the rules of the game which are every student must be quiet and listen to the question the person who is it asks one student. If the other students answer is yes the student who is it may ask another question but if the answer is no then the person who was chosen may ask another student a question. The objective is for every student to have a turn and be able to ask and answer several questions. This game will take place as a group then the teacher will divide students in smaller groups of three or four.
 The teacher will monitor all the groups. A student with a disability or different first language would have been assigned a buddy to help them with the game. The teacher�s aid or teacher will closely monitor the buddies and make sure the student with needs is being fully included in the game and group activity and discussions.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will check for understanding by asking questions to the class on the carpet. I will ask for each student to tell me something they learned about someone else in their group or the class, what is something they have in common with someone in their group, what is something they don�t have in common with someone in their group.
 After the class discussion the teacher will talk about friendship and the importance of showing you are good friends by learning about someone, asking the students questions, and listening to them. I will encourage everyone to continue getting to know each other throughout the week and show they are good friends.
 I will evaluate students on how well they listened to instructions and to one another during the group discussions, book reading, and questions game and in the individual groups. I will take the discussion while I checked for their understanding as the assessment. This will tell me if they participated in the game and learned something about the other students in their group.
Teacher Reflections:
 I will look at the lesson and see if it was a good lesson order. I will reflect on how well young students cooperated with one another and if this lesson should be used again or changed. Also, I will review how well the buddy system worked with children with special needs or English as a second language and evaluate if it worked or what else I could do to monitor and include those students more.

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