Lesson Plan : Weight lifting

Teacher Name:
 Kevin Fuhrer
 Grade 11-12
 PE and Health

 Weight lifting and the proper way to lift.
 I would focus on the proper way to life the weights and make sure the students understand to get into shape you do not have to life a large number of weight.
 I want my students to fill good about theirselves and want to continue getting in shape after leaving my class. Also most of all I want them to look as working out as fun and not a chore to keep a good body. Finally, I want all students to at least say the class helped them want to find their own way to get in better shape.
 I want the students to work togethor as groups with people of their own standards and weight lifting experinece so they can encourage one another to get better. Also I do not want any of the stronger students making fun of the weaker ones because everyone should be equal because theres always going to be something the weaker ones are better at then the stronger ones.
 I would personally demonstrate the proper way to use every machine in their so the students could see from their own eyes the proper way to use the machines.
 When entering the weight room I would show the class around and let them know what we are trying to get out of being in here which is better shape, feeling better about yourself, and finally working as a group in this class will help you outside the class and if they perform well I will reward them the next class period
 I would help the students who do not seem to understand or not as intrested personally and help them see that lifting weights is fun and enjoyable if you work at it and that you dont have to be like the football team lifting 200 lbs and that you can go at your own weight and speed.
 I would divide the groups up as even as possible so they can help one another out and I would help the group with the less experince or even get a mature senior who will help them with the proper techiniques.
 If I had special ed students in my class I would find out their abilities and if they were capable of small weights I would give them a 3Lb weight to work with, but keep a eye on them or the ones who are not capable of being alone I would get them to help me teach so they could feel much of part of the class as possible.
Checking For Understanding:
 I would assign a test to make sure they were listening to me the first day of instruction then give them a test on lifting weights to see how much they have advanced personally then as a group.
 I would tell the class there are five more minutes of class and to do light weight to cool down before class and congratulate then on hardwork and tell them nothing happens in one day and that if they keep working they will see results.
 I would evaluate each student indvidually so I could see how they progress to see who needs the most help and who needs less because some students catch on the proper way to lift before others and some kids are just not motivated.
Teacher Reflections:
 I would go back and look at the main parts of the workout to see what worked, and what the class was intrested in and try to improve everyones health and get everyone excited about working out.

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