Lesson Plan : What is Peace?

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Acklin
 Grade 7-8

 Four Themes of Peace
 Personal Peace, Domestic Peace, Global Peace, Environmental peace
 To help children gain an understanding that peace is more than the negation of violence. To show the children the difference between positive peace and negative peace.
 Through discussion, have the children become aware that peace is more than the absence of violence and that peace is a very broad and diverse concept.
 Wireless Microphone, speaker sound system, Laptop, projector and screen
 Re-arrange the class, so that students are all in a circle. In order to get the students use to the sound of their voices and realize the power of it, I incorporate a microphone in all of my lessons. Each one of my classes begins the same way; each student must say at least one good thing that has happened to them at any point in their lives. I then have a focus question that gets them in the mind frame for that days discussion. The focus question for the day is: ask the students when they hear the word peace, what comes to mind for them, and then what do they think peace looks like?
 After giving them time to jot their ideas down, the microphone then goes around and the students then get to tell their answers. I will be recording their answers on the white board or chalk board provided. As the answers come out, I will be arranging them into the 4 distinct categories of peace I outlined previously. I will then explain in detail how the 4 themes of peace can be defined. 1. Personal: has to do with feelings and emotions i.e. happy,smiling, playful... 2. Domestic: focus is on daily interpersonal relationships, emphasis on cooperation, conflict resolution and communication. 3. Global: focus is on fairness and equality for all people of the world. 4. Environmental: address how we need to take better care of our planet. Through my explanation they will see that there is no mention of violence and I want them to know that equating peace and no acts of violence is a negative peace and that addressing peace as defined in our categories is aspects of positive peace.
 The students need to choose one or more of the four themes of peace. To draw and color a picture of what they think peace is like.
Checking For Understanding:
 We come back together and allow the children to show their drawings and explain their concept of peace.
Teacher Reflections:

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