Lesson Plan : Nintendo Wii Sports

Teacher Name:
 Bucky Kramer
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 Wii Sports - Tennis
 Tennis Skills - Serve - Volley - Net - Lob - Love - Set - Match - Forehand - Backhand - Smash - Out of Bounds - Ad In - Ad Out
 At the end of this lesson, students will be able to play a complete game of tennis and be able to articulate the basic rules of the game.
 Students will demonstrate competency in: - Technology - Basic Tennis movements - Cooperation with classmates - Effective communication skills
 Television, Nintendo Wii, Projector, Large open room, 4 Nintendo Wii controllers
 At the beginning of the lesson, students will be introduced to the activity and asked what they already know about Tennis. The group will be quizzed briefly about the basic vocab of tennis, as well as the equipment needed for a game.
 Teacher will demonstrate use of the controller and how to use the technology for the game of Tennis on the Nintendo Wii. Student demonstrators will then be called upon to showcase particular skills.
 Teacher will walk through the class and students will play the games. Students should be communicating the vocabulary of the game while playing, as well as seeing that the game is being played properly.
 This lesson is very easy to use for all ability levels. The Nintendo Wii is very versatile and students with wide-ranging physical abilities can still use this technology.
Checking For Understanding:
 1) Verbal Questioning 2) Written Vocabulary and Situational Quiz 3) Student ability to perform tasks
 Th end of this lesson will conclude with a Wii Tennis tournament. Winners will face the winners, and all students will be allowed to continue play for improvement.
 1) Were students able to utilize technology without any major problems? 2) What AV issues arose during this lesson? 3) How were the students able to manipulate the technology to advance this lesson or enhance their understanding of Tennis?
Teacher Reflections:

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